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Chapter: 2 - Board of Public Utilities continued; membership; terms.

48:2-1: Board of Public Utilities continued; membership; terms.

48:2-1.1: Designation of president of board.

48:2-1.2: Repeal

48:2-1.3: Short title

48:2-1.4: Effective date

48:2-2: Seal; employees; compensation

48:2-3: Office; director of office management; meetings

48:2-3.1: Principal office; filing of copy of designation

48:2-4: Duties of secretary

48:2-5: Salary

48:2-6: Traveling expenses

48:2-7: Purchase of necessary materials

48:2-8: Connection with public utilities or governmental office prohibited

48:2-9: Reports of findings and decisions; publications

48:2-10: Certified copies of records as evidence

48:2-10.1: Definitions.

48:2-10.2: Electronic public document search system.

48:2-11: Annual report

48:2-12: Rules

48:2-13: Powers of board; public utility defined; exemptions from jurisdiction

48:2-13.1: Rural, electric cooperatives; powers of board

48:2-13.1a: Customers of rural electric cooperative, electronic billing, payment permitted.

48:2-13.2: Limited jurisdiction of Board of Public Utilities over certain nonpublicly-owned, nonprofit water companies

48:2-14: Approval of grants by municipalities of franchises and privileges to public utilities

48:2-15: Authority over interstate commerce; interstate co-operation

48:2-16: Supervisory and regulatory powers in general

48:2-16.1: Examination and audit of accounts

48:2-16.2: Inspection and examination of books and records

48:2-16.3: Failure to file annual report on date due; penalty

48:2-16.4: Management audits

48:2-17: Filing list of officials and their duties with board

48:2-18: Depreciation accounts; rates of depreciation; conformity to rates

48:2-19: Investigations; valuation of property of public utility

48:2-20: Testing appliances; access to premises; fees

48:2-21: Rates

48:2-21.1: Adjustment of rates during pendency of hearing

48:2-21.2: Circumstances under which board not required to find rate base

48:2-21.3: Stipulations extending suspension periods or waiving effective dates of tariffs or rates

48:2-21.10: Expenses incurred in complying with the worker and community right to know act considered as current expenses

48:2-21.11: Moneys received as reimbursement for costs incurred from insurance carrier or as result of legal action or settlement as moneys available

48:2-21.12: Adjustment to rates to provide reimbursements received are applied to reduction of utility rates

48:2-21.13: Inapplicability of act to reimbursements under $100,000

48:2-21.14: Fines, penalties not operating expense

48:2-21.15: Rate reduction

48:2-21.16: Findings, declarations

48:2-21.17: Definitions.

48:2-21.18: Plans for alternative form of regulation, petition, requirements

48:2-21.19: Competitive services, rates not regulated; conditions

48:2-21.20: Interexchange carrier services deemed competitive, standards

48:2-21.21: Rate counsel assessments

48:2-21.22: Findings, declarations relative to AOS companies

48:2-21.23: Regulation of "alternate operator service provider," definition

48:2-21.24: Findings, declarations relative to production, delivery of electricity, natural gas

48:2-21.25: Definitions

48:2-21.26: Standards for off-tariff rate agreements

48:2-21.27: Base rate case proceedings

48:2-21.28: Petitions for alternative forms of regulation; NJSAVE program

48:2-21.29: Reports

48:2-21.30: Authority of Division of Ratepayer Advocate

48:2-21.31: Terms, conditions unaltered for retail sales, certain.

48:2-21.32: Rules.

48:2-21.33: Tax and related savings to consumers.

48:2-21.34: Definitions relative to phase out schedule of transitional energy facility assessment unit rate surcharges; formulas; adjustments to rates.

48:2-21.35: Cooperation on development of statement to energy user bills.

48:2-21.36: Definitions relative to a manufacturing facility; electricity, natural gas agreements.

48:2-21.37: Definitions relative to imposition of standby charges.

48:2-21.38: Study to determine effects of distributed generation.

48:2-21.39: Establishment of criteria for fixing rates.

48:2-21.40: Rules, regulations.

48:2-21.41: Definitions relative to veterans' organization which qualify for residential rate.

48:2-22: Compacts for joint regulation and control of gas and electricity rates

48:2-23: Safe, adequate service

48:2-23.1: Assessment, review of conveyance

48:2-23.2: Sale of real property owned by public utility; deadline for decision by BPU provided.

48:2-24: Discontinuance of service; permission; resumption of service

48:2-24.1: Ratification of unauthorized discontinuance

48:2-24.2: Notice of certain utility service discontinuance to chief law enforcement officer.

48:2-25: Standards, classifications and measurements of service

48:2-25.1: Determining and fixing time for supplying products or services or for installation of facilities or equipment

48:2-26: Maintenance of junction points and connections

48:2-27: Extension of facilities

48:2-28: New grade crossings; approval of board

48:2-29: Protection at grade crossings

48:2-29.1: Prohibit payment of dividends except from surplus or net profits

48:2-29.2: Prohibit or limit payment of dividends by utility failing to comply with board's order

48:2-29.3: Discontinuance of surcharge

48:2-29.4: Repayment of excess surcharge

48:2-29.5: Regulating deposits by customers to secure payment for services; interest on deposits

48:2-29.15: Establishment of lifeline credit program

48:2-29.16: Eligibility for Lifeline Credit Program

48:2-29.16a: "Lifeline Credit Program," notification as to error in estimated annual income.

48:2-29.17: Credit against electric or gas utility bills

48:2-29.18: State payments to utilities for amount of credit; schedule; return of payments for unused credit; special state utility supplement to supplementary se

48:2-29.19: Rules and regulations; services of state departments, boards, etc.

48:2-29.20: Notice of lifeline credit program

48:2-29.21: Annual report on lifeline credit program

48:2-29.22: Transfer of responsibility for administration, powers and duties from board of public utilities to commissioner of department of human services

48:2-29.30: Legislative findings and declarations

48:2-29.31: Tenants' lifeline assistance program; establishment and administration

48:2-29.32: Eligibility for Tenants' Lifeline Assistance Program

48:2-29.32a: "Tenants' Lifeline Assistance Program," notification as to error in estimated annual income.

48:2-29.33: Annual tenants assistance payment; limitations

48:2-29.34: Certification by commissioner; issuance of payment; date; special state utility supplement to supplemental security income program

48:2-29.35: Rules and regulations; assistance from or contracts for services of state agency

48:2-29.36: Annual report to legislature and Governor

48:2-29.38: Findings, declarations relative to energy assistance program.

48:2-29.39: Designation of Statewide, nonprofit energy assistance organization.

48:2-29.40: Utilization of funds provided; eligibility criteria.

48:2-29.41: Rules, regulations.

48:2-29.42: Third party designation to receive transmission of public utility service termination

48:2-29.43: Rules, regulations

48:2-29.44: Findings, declarations relative to electric public utility service

48:2-29.45: Provision of continued electrical service during periods of excessive heat

48:2-29.46: Rules, regulations

48:2-29.47: Prevailing wage requirement, construction undertaken with BPU financial assistance.

48:2-29.48: Definitions relative to electric public utility service discontinuances.

48:2-29.49: Annual request for information by electric public utility.

48:2-29.50: Liability for payment of bill balance.

48:2-29.51: Customer outreach plan.

48:2-29.52: Excuse from compliance.

48:2-29.53: Rules, regulations.

48:2-29.54: Definitions relative to public utilities.

48:2-29.55: Winter Termination Program, inclusions.

48:2-29.56: Rules, regulations.

48:2-29.57: Definitions.

48:2-29.58: Report to Governor, Legislature; effect of Coronavirus 2019 pandemic on utility service; Department of Community Affairs.

48:2-29.59: Quarterly report; utility service, customer data.

48:2-30: Requisition of sum required for payments for services; reservation

48:2-31: Balance of reserve; disposition

48:2-32: Board rules to govern; single member may sit

48:2-32.1: Hearing examiners; authority; rules and regulations; compensation

48:2-32.2: Municipal, county rights of intervention; notice

48:2-32.2a: Applicability of notification procedures

48:2-32.2b: Complementary requirements

48:2-32.3: Public passenger transportation service; changes or curtailment; notice

48:2-32.4: Hearing in affected municipality

48:2-32.5: Definitions

48:2-32.6: Public hearings

48:2-32.7: Final decision or order

48:2-32.8: Advance notice of public meeting available on public document search system.

48:2-32.9: Discussion with interested parties on policy matters.

48:2-33: Witnesses; production of documents; oaths; subpoenas

48:2-34: Depositions

48:2-35: Compelling witness to testify or produce documents; contempt

48:2-36: Self-incrimination; immunity from prosecution

48:2-36.1: Requiring utility to submit data relevant to inquiry or investigation by board

48:2-37: Corporations and persons owning or controlling public utility stock; compelling production of records and attendance of witnesses

48:2-38: Evidence by member or employee in civil suit

48:2-39: Fees of witnesses

48:2-40: Issuance of order; effective dates; service; posting on Internet; rehearing.

48:2-41: Enforcement

48:2-42: Penalty for noncompliance with orders

48:2-43: Appeal; notice

48:2-43.1: Appearance by board in review proceedings

48:2-46: Setting aside orders

48:2-47: Ordering rehearing by board

48:2-49: Performing, participating in or causing prohibited acts

48:2-50: Failure to perform required acts

48:2-51: Utilities acting unlawfully

48:2-51.1: Acquisition of control of public utility; approval of board of public utilities; exceptions.

48:2-52: Rights preserved

48:2-56: Fees and charges.

48:2-56.1: Bus inspection fees, revenue of the commission.

48:2-57: Disposition of fees and charges

48:2-58: Repeal

48:2-59: Annual assessments

48:2-60: Amount of assessment

48:2-61: Exclusion of operating revenue derived from service receiving public funds

48:2-62: Levy of assessment; time for payment; gross operating revenues statement

48:2-63: Objections to statement; hearing

48:2-64: Findings of board

48:2-65: Payment of statement objected to; notice of delinquency

48:2-66: Action for recovery of payments

48:2-67: Payment necessary prior to action contending assessment excessive, erroneous or unlawful

48:2-68: Procedure

48:2-69: Failure to pay or file objections; notice to state treasurer

48:2-70: Collection

48:2-71: Disposition of moneys

48:2-72: Companies not subject to fees and charges by commissioners

48:2-73: Short title

48:2-74: Findings, declarations, determinations

48:2-75: Definitions.

48:2-76: One-Call Damage Prevention System, established; rules, regulations

48:2-77: Operation of One-Call Damage Prevention System

48:2-78: Appropriate waiver conditions

48:2-79: System operator, responsibilities

48:2-80: Underground facility operator, responsibilities; underground facility markings.

48:2-81: Marking of facilities; nonapplicability; excavation, permitting process on State property

48:2-82: Notification of the One-Call Damage Prevention System; excavator's duties.

48:2-83: Proof of notification required for permission to excavate

48:2-84: Nonapplicability to emergencies

48:2-85: Map of pipeline; filing

48:2-86: Violation of act; injunction; civil penalties.

48:2-87: Illegal excavation; disorderly persons offense, third degree crime

48:2-88: Penalty for operator violations

48:2-89: Notice failure, prima facie evidence of negligence

48:2-90: Civil penalties to the State

48:2-91: Board's jurisdiction not affected

48:2-92: Short title.

48:2-93: Findings, declarations relative to BPU Business Ombudsman.

48:2-94: Definitions relative to BPU Business Ombudsman.

48:2-95: BPU Business Ombudsman; appointment, powers, duties, funding.

48:2-96: Function of office of BPU Business Ombudsman.

48:2-97: Annual report to board.

48:2-98: Rules, regulations.