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Chapter: 15 - "Street railway or traction company" ; "street"

48:15-1: "Street railway or traction company" ; "street"

48:15-2: Computation of time for performance of duty or exercise of privilege

48:15-3: Public consent to have force of contract

48:15-4: Improper incorporation of certain companies not ground for questioning right to operate

48:15-5: Valuation report; open to public inspection; as evidence

48:15-10: General powers

48:15-11: Powers not limited by description of route in certificate of incorporation

48:15-12: Issuance of stock for stocks and securities of other corporations

48:15-13: Borrowing money; limitation

48:15-14: Bonds and mortgages; recording mortgages

48:15-16.1: Power of condemnation

48:15-17: Entry on land to explore and survey; filing survey

48:15-18: Entry on railway for purpose of operating; certificate, description and map

48:15-19: Carrying newspapers, freight and express

48:15-20: Change of gauge

48:15-21: Joint use of tracks and equipment

48:15-22: Steam locomotives prohibited

48:15-23: Inclosed or vestibuled platforms on cars required; penalty

48:15-24: Filing description and map of extension or new line; exclusive right to route

48:15-25: Amended description and map

48:15-26: Relocation before completion of extension or new line

48:15-27: Change of route; land condemned along original route to revert to owners

48:15-28: Relocation of tracks at request of body having control of streets; effect on period of operation; approval

48:15-29: Municipal consent to construction of street railways

48:15-30: Consent of public authority other than municipal governing body

48:15-31: Consent of property owners

48:15-32: Map or description of route; location of tracks and poles

48:15-33: Right to maintain poles, wires and conduits

48:15-34: Extension of tracks in cities of first and second class for connections or detours; approval

48:15-35: Municipal consent; petition; fixing location of poles or conduits

48:15-36: Consent of public authority other than municipal

48:15-37: Municipal consent to operation of autobusses; fares; franchise taxes

48:15-38: Substitution of busses for suspended street railway service

48:15-39: Substitution of busses for street cars

48:15-40: Co-ordinated bus and street railway operation

48:15-41: Substitution of trackless trolleys or trolley busses for street cars; overhead ground wires

48:15-42: Removal of tracks; resumption of street car service; restoration of tracks

48:15-43: Substitution deemed compliance with franchise

48:15-43.1: Complete substitution of autobusses for street cars; payment of taxes on busses

48:15-43.2: Trackless trolleys deemed autobuses for certain purposes; taxation

48:15-43.3: Operation of substituted vehicles on designated streets authorized; erection and maintenance of poles and wires

48:15-43.6: One-way streets; operation over parallel streets

48:15-44: Company required to restore pavement disturbed by it

48:15-45: Compelling company to repair pavement between tracks damaged by operation of street cars

48:15-46: Tracks and roadbed to be put in good condition when street is paved

48:15-47: Obligations under article in lieu of all others

48:15-48: Duty to repay moneys advanced to company not affected

48:15-49: Construction and operation of terminal; acquisition of property; condemnation

48:15-50: Subways connecting tracts and terminals; elevated or surface tracts

48:15-51: Issuance of stocks or bonds; mortgages; approval

48:15-52: Application to board of public utility commissioners

48:15-53: Hearing; determination

48:15-54: Compliance with order; fixing of compensation

48:15-55: Lease of property and franchises; rights and liabilities of lessee

48:15-56: Proceedings where stockholder dissents