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Chapter: 5 - Formation authorized

48:5-1: Formation authorized

48:5-2: Certificate of incorporation; contents

48:5-3: Recording and filing certificate

48:5-4: Certificate or copy as evidence

48:5-5: Directors and officers

48:5-6: Stock

48:5-7: General powers

48:5-8: Tolls

48:5-8.1: Charter inoperative or void for nonpayment of taxes; reinstatement

48:5-9: Joint agreement of bridge companies for constructing and operating bridge

48:5-10: Terms of joint agreement

48:5-11: Stockholders' meeting; filing agreement

48:5-12: Mortgages of corporate rights and franchises

48:5-13: Formation authorized

48:5-14: Certificate of incorporation; contents

48:5-15: Signing, recording and filing certificate

48:5-16: Conditions precedent to filing of certificate

48:5-17: Certificate or copy as evidence

48:5-18: General powers

48:5-19: Tolls

48:5-20: Uses of bridge

48:5-21: Keeping bridge open

48:5-22: Acquisition of bridge by states; terms of acquisition

48:5-23: Acquisition of bridge by states; two or more bridges

48:5-24: Bridges to become property of states after fifty years

48:5-25: Interpretation

48:5-26: Conviction of nuisance; taking toll without paying fine; penalty

48:5-27: Investigation of toll bridges and fixing of rates

48:5-28: Destruction or removal of materials of toll bridges; regulating passage over