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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 12, COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION

    Chapter 4: Removing obstructions from rivers and creeks

      Section: 12:4-7: Costs and expenses of removal; payment by county; reimbursement

           The cost of removing the sunken or stranded boat, barge or scow, with the incidental expenses and charges connected therewith, shall be made up and certified by the board of chosen freeholders. Upon such certified account the county treasurer shall pay the same out of any money not otherwise appropriated and shall certify said account to the Division of Navigation of the Department of Conservation and when approved by the navigation council, the amount thereof shall be reimbursed to the county out of any funds appropriated to said department for said purposes out of the State treasury.

Amended by L.1947, c. 37, p. 112, s. 1, eff. April 2, 1947.

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