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Chapter: 4 - Removing obstructions from rivers and creeks

12:4-1: Removing obstructions from rivers and creeks

12:4-2: Destroying or removing buoys and other markers; penalty

12:4-3: Owners of docks, wharves and piers may collect wharfage, dockage and rent; no hindrance to navigation

12:4-4: Ice boats to keep Delaware river open

12:4-5: Boats or barges sunken or stranded in navigable river; notice to remove

12:4-6: Removal by board of freeholders; contract for removal; sale of wreck and cargo

12:4-7: Costs and expenses of removal; payment by county; reimbursement

12:4-8: Surplus of sale paid to state treasurer

12:4-9: Limitation of cost of removal

12:4-10: Deposit of solids in certain waters prohibited; fishing rights and discharge of sewage excepted

12:4-11: Violations; misdemeanor; punishment

12:4-12: Seizure by pilotage commissioners of vessels used in violations

12:4-13: Pilotage commissioners to prosecute violations

12:4-14: Disposition of fines

12:4-15: Rights of board of commerce and navigation not affected

12:4-16: Approaching, passing and opening drawbridges; injuries to; penalties

12:4-17: Recovery of penalties

12:4-18: Showing light on vessel at anchor; penalty

12:4-19: Collision of navigating vessel with anchored vessel showing light; liability for damages

12:4-20: Lights on steamboats; penalty

12:4-21: Anchoring in channel of Raritan bay prohibited

12:4-22: Penalties; liability for damages