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    Chapter 9: Forest fire service established

      Section: 13:9-24: Removal of fire hazard and nuisance; penalty

           On the complaint of a firewarden or any citizen, the department shall cause an investigation to be made of the alleged nuisance mentioned in section 13:9-23 of this Title. If, in its judgment, a situation endangering the security of adjacent property, either with reference to the possible origin or spread of forest fires, exists, it shall require the responsible party to remove such menace within a reasonable specified time, in manner as directed and at his own cost. If he neglects to do so, he shall be subject to penalties provided for in this act. When the department considers it necessary to prevent danger to life or property, it may abate such public nuisance and charge the costs to the responsible person, owner, lessee, firm, corporation or public agency. If the removal is done by burning, all the provisions and requirements of this chapter shall be observed. If fire escapes and damages the property of another, nothing done under this chapter shall operate as a release of responsibility therefor.

Amended by L.1981, c. 369, s. 29, eff. Dec. 30, 1981.

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