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    Chapter 24: Investments by insurance companies generally.

      Section: 17:24-12: Holding of securities within State; exceptions

           17:24-12. All securities of domestic insurers shall be held for safekeeping within the geographical limits of this State, except:

a. Securities deposited with public officials of other states, the District of Columbia, the United States Government, any territory or possession thereof, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and foreign countries, to the extent required by the laws of the jurisdiction as a condition for authority to transact business;

b. Securities required as collateral for loans or as security for the performance of contracts;

c. Mortgages and evidences of indebtedness secured thereby, which are held for safekeeping in one or more offices operated by and under the direct control of an officer of the company;

d. Stock and other securities representing stock or convertible into stock, and options, warrants, or rights to acquire stock;

e. Debt securities with a maturity of less than one year;

f. Securities issued or guaranteed by the United States or any department or agency or instrumentality thereof; and

g. As long as there are held for safekeeping within the geographical limits of this State securities having a value of not less than $50,000,000.00, any other debt securities which are publicly traded.

This section shall not limit or prohibit: (1) the deposit of securities under agreements as provided in R.S.17:24-3, or (2) the transmission of securities outside the State for the purpose of securing or recording title to the securities or to property, or for the purpose of the sale, exchange or alteration of the provisions of the securities, or for the collection of any payment due thereon, or (3) the holding of securities in the names of nominees authorized by the board of directors of the insurer, or by a committee of the board which is charged with the duty of supervising investments, or (4) the lending of securities to any corporation or business partnership upon adequate collateral security, or (5) the holding outside of the State, in The Depository Trust Company or any other depository institution approved by the Commissioner of Insurance, of securities which comprise all or part of a custodial account for which the fiduciary is a qualified bank pursuant to section 28 of P.L.1948, c.67 (C.17:9A-28) or is an association authorized to exercise fiduciary powers pursuant to subsection (19) of section 48 of P.L.1963, c.144 (C.17:12B-48).

Amended 1977,c.351; 1983,c.81,s.2; 1983,c.279,s.1; 1995,c.182,s.1.

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