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Chapter: 24 - Investments by insurance companies generally.

17:24-1: Investments by insurance companies generally.

17:24-1.1: Written plan for acquiring, holding investments, investment practices.

17:24-1.2: Actions prohibited by insurer without prior approval; exceptions.

17:24-3: Accepting or acquiring corporate stock or other securities or property

17:24-5: Valuation of bonds

17:24-5.1: Valuation of securities held by insurance company; violations; penalties

17:24-6: Marine insurance companies; additional investments

17:24-7: Title insurance companies; dealing in real estate mortgages; issuing obligations

17:24-8: Additional investment permitted title insurance companies

17:24-9: Investment of surplus in stock of certain companies

17:24-10: Investments in foreign securities

17:24-11: Bond and mortgage; sale or assignment of part with guaranty of payment; subordinate interests

17:24-12: Holding of securities within State; exceptions

17:24-13: Purpose of act; expenses of committee in investigation, analyses, and valuation of securities

17:24-14: Budget estimate

17:24-16: Audit of receipts and disbursements; statement of assets and liabilities

17:24-25: Partial repeal

17:24-26: Repeal

17:24-28: Definitions relative to investment pools.

17:24-29: Permitted investments, qualifications.

17:24-30: Qualified investment pools.

17:24-31: Limits on permitted investments.

17:24-32: Requirements of manager of investment pool.

17:24-33: Written pooling agreement, terms.

17:24-34: Investment pool, organized as business entity.

17:24-35: Authority of commissioner.

17:24-36: Inapplicability of C.17:27A-4 as to transaction standards.