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    Chapter 24: Investments by insurance companies generally.

      Section: 17:24-29: Permitted investments, qualifications.

2. An insurer may invest in investment pools that:

a. Invest only in:

(1) Obligations that are rated "1" or "2" by the SVO or have an equivalent of an SVO "1" or "2" rating by a nationally recognized statistical rating organization recognized by the SVO and have:

(a) A remaining maturity of 397 days or less or a put that entitles the holder to receive the principal amount of the obligation, which put may be exercised through maturity at specified intervals, not exceeding 397 days; or

(b) A remaining maturity of three years or less and a floating interest rate that resets no less frequently than quarterly on the basis of a current short-term index (federal funds, prime rate, treasury bills, London InterBank Offered Rate (LIBOR) or commercial paper) and is subject to no maximum limit, if the obligations do not have an interest rate that varies inversely to market interest rate changes;

(2) Government money market mutual funds or class one money market mutual funds; or

(3) Securities lending, repurchase and reverse repurchase transactions on investments in which an insurer is permitted to invest pursuant to the provisions of R.S.17:24-1; or

b. Invest only in investments which an insurer may acquire under subsection a. of this section if the insurer's proportionate interest in the amount invested in these investments does not exceed the applicable limits of section 4 of this act.


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