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    Chapter 24: Investments by insurance companies generally.

      Section: 17:24-7: Title insurance companies; dealing in real estate mortgages; issuing obligations

           A company organized under chapters seventeen to thirty-three of this Title (s. 17:17-1 et seq.), to transact the business authorized by paragraph "h" of section 17:17-1 of this Title, may also, with its capital and surplus, take, buy, sell and deal in first mortgages on real estate, and, also may act as agent for investors in and the holders of mortgages and interests therein, in the purchase, sale, and servicing thereof; provided, that no contract of insurance or guaranty or other obligation to pay money be incurred in connection with such managing or servicing beyond the obligation of accounting for funds received.

Companies incorporated and authorized to conduct the business of insuring titles under charters issued prior to the enactment of this amendment shall enjoy all of the powers given by this act as amended and all of the powers they enjoy under their existing certificates of incorporation; provided, however, that they shall not be permitted to write any new contracts guaranteeing payment of principal and interest of bonds and mortgages, or shares or parts of mortgages or mortgage participation certificates, or shares or parts of bonds secured by mortgage, or bonds secured by trust mortgage, or participation certificates or coupon bonds entitling the holder to a proportionate share in a series or number of mortgages and bonds, or extensions or renewals thereof, or other obligations directly or indirectly secured by bonds and mortgages, except such contracts of guaranty as may be issued or made by way of extensions, substitutions, refunding issues of bonds or participations, or otherwise in performing existing contracts of that character.

Amended by L.1938, c. 289, p. 625, s. 9.

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