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    Chapter 24: Investments by insurance companies generally.

      Section: 17:24-32: Requirements of manager of investment pool.

5. For an investment in an investment pool to be qualified under this act, the manager of the investment pool shall:

a. Be organized under the laws of the United States or a state and designated as the pool manager in a pooling agreement;

b. Be the insurer, an affiliated insurer or a business entity affiliated with the insurer, a qualified bank, a business entity registered under the federal "Investment Advisors Act of 1940," 15 U.S.C.s.80A-1 et seq., or, in the case of a reciprocal insurer or interinsurance exchange, its attorney-in-fact, or in the case of a United States branch of an alien insurer, its United States manager or affiliated or subsidiaries of its United States manager;

c. Compile and maintain detailed accounting records setting forth:

(1) The cash receipts and disbursements reflecting each participant's proportionate investment in the investment pool;

(2) A complete description of all underlying assets of the investment pool (including amount, interest rate, maturity date (if any) and other appropriate designations); and

(3) Other records which, on a daily basis, allow third parties to verify each participant's investment in the investment pool; and

d. Maintain the assets of the investment pool in one or more accounts, in the name of or on behalf of the investment pool, under a custody agreement with a qualified bank. The custody agreement shall:

(1) State and recognize the claims and rights of each participant;

(2) Acknowledge that the underlying assets of the investment pool are held solely for the benefit of each participant in proportion to the aggregate amount of its investments in the investment pool;

(3) Contain an agreement that the underlying assets of the investment pool shall not be commingled with the general assets of the custodian qualified bank or any other person ; and

(4) Conform with guidelines established by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and regulations governing custodial or safeguard agreements promulgated by the commissioner.


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