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    Chapter 24: Investments by insurance companies generally.

      Section: 17:24-8: Additional investment permitted title insurance companies

           Any insurance company of this state, engaged in the business of insuring title to real estate, may also invest its capital or surplus, or both, in shares or parts of mortgages and any mortgage participation certificates which entitle the holder to a proportionate share in a mortgage or number of mortgages or extensions or renewals thereof, which are a first lien on improved real estate in this state, and the amount of which mortgages shall not at the time of the making of the loan exceed sixty per cent of the estimated worth of the real estate covered by the respective mortgages at a rate of interest not less than three per cent nor greater than six per cent per annum. No share or part of the mortgages so held shall be subordinated to any prior interest therein. Mortgages in parts of which any of the capital or surplus, or both, may be invested, together with any guarantees of payment, insurance policies, and other instruments and evidences of title relating thereto, shall be held for the benefit of the insurance company and of any other persons interested in the mortgages by a bank, trust company or title guaranty corporation organized under the laws of this state, or jointly by such a corporation and an individual who is a citizen and bona fide resident of this state. A certificate stating that the corporation, or the corporation and the individual jointly, as the case may be, holds the instruments for the benefit of the insurance company and of any other persons who may be interested in the mortgage, among whom the corporation or the individual jointly holding the instruments may be included, shall be executed by the corporation and delivered to each person who becomes interested in the mortgage. Every corporation, or corporation and individual jointly, issuing any such certificate, shall keep a record in proper books of account of all certificates issued.

Any investments made by any such title insurance company, prior to March twenty-sixth, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-eight, shall be considered as legal assets forming part of the capital and surplus of the insurance company.

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