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    Chapter 36: Creation; application of; maintenance

      Section: 17:36-5.22: Endorsements; supplemental contracts; contracts; disapproval by commissioner

           Appropriate forms of contracts, or supplemental contracts, or extended coverage endorsements that will provide insurance in case of loss, damage or liability occasioned by any accident, incident, occurrence, or peril other than fire and lightning which the insurer is empowered to assume, also forms of endorsements whereby the insurer agrees to reimburse and indemnify the insured for the difference between the actual value of the insured property at the time any loss or damage occurs and the amount actually expended to repair, rebuild or replace with new materials of like size, kind and quality such property as has been damaged or destroyed by fire or other perils insured against may be filed with the Commissioner of Insurance for use with or as a part of such fire insurance policy, required to be filed pursuant to section 1 of P.L. 1954, c. 268 (C. 17:36-5.15), by a licensed rating organization on behalf of all its members or subscribers or on behalf of any individual member or subscriber, or by any insurer making its own filings.

Any insurer may present any such form for filing, if after a reasonable request, the rating organization of which it is a member or subscriber has failed or refused to present such form for filing.

Any such form filed as aforesaid shall be used by every insurer by whom or in whose behalf it was filed to the exclusion of any form or forms covering substantially the same agreement. Any such form may be withdrawn or it may be superseded by the filing of a new form or forms covering substantially the same agreement.

No such form of contract, supplemental contract, or extended coverage endorsement shall be made, issued or delivered by any insurer or by any agent or representative thereof until after 30 days from the date of such filing.

The use of such contracts, supplemental contracts or extended coverage endorsements as have heretofore been filed with and approved by the commissioner under the provisions of P.L. 1944, c. 171 (C. 17:36-5.1 et seq.), may be continued until withdrawn, supplemented, or amended.

If the Commissioner of Insurance shall, at any time, notify any rating organization or any insurer of his disapproval of any such filed contract, supplemental contract or extended coverage endorsement because it contains provisions which are unjust, unfair, inequitable, misleading or contrary to law, it shall be unlawful for any insurer to issue any such contract, supplemental contract or extended coverage endorsement in the form so disapproved. Such disapproval by the commissioner may be reviewed by a proceeding in lieu of prerogative writ.

L.1954, c. 268, p. 992, s. 8. Amended by L.1982, c. 114, s. 32.

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