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Chapter: 36 - Creation; application of; maintenance

17:36-2: Creation; application of; maintenance

17:36-5.15: Required statements in policy; copy to be filed with commissioner

17:36-5.16: Binders

17:36-5.17: Combination form of fire policy; required provisions

17:36-5.18: Space for listing certain items; other data; signatures

17:36-5.19: Insured; perils insured against; amount of insurance; assignment, provision as to

17:36-5.20: Standard provisions

17:36-5.20a: Cancellation, non-renewal of homeowners insurance prohibited under certain circumstances

17:36-5.20b: Certain commercial lines insurance risks, exclusion from requirements of standard fire policy.

17:36-5.21: Other insurances; combination policies; premium, allocation of portion to fire insurance

17:36-5.22: Endorsements; supplemental contracts; contracts; disapproval by commissioner

17:36-5.23: Disapproval and other orders to be in writing

17:36-5.24: Violation of regulation or order

17:36-5.25: Provisions of act inapplicable to reinsurance and certain kinds of insurance

17:36-5.26: Repeal

17:36-5.27: Partial invalidity

17:36-5.28: Authority to exclude loss or damage caused by nuclear reaction or radiation or radioactive contamination

17:36-5.29: Domestic servants or household employees; coverage

17:36-5.30: Insurers deemed admitted to transact workers' compensation insurance

17:36-5.31: Information provided to policyholders by every fire, casualty insurer

17:36-5.32: Penalties

17:36-5.33: Definitions relative to homeowners insurance deductibles and premium rates.

17:36-5.34: Uniform policy language concerning hurricane deductible.

17:36-5.35: Expedited rate filing procedure, certain.

17:36-5.36: Customer information brochure for homeowners insurance consumers.

17:36-5.37: Regulations.

17:36-5.38: Earthquake damage endorsement, availability through homeowners' insurance policy.

17:36-5.39: Earthquake damage endorsement, availability through commercial fire, extended coverage insurance policy.

17:36-5.40: Immunity from liability for informing insureds of endorsement.

17:36-5.41: Provision of notice to applicants, insureds.

17:36-6: Furnishing proofs of loss

17:36-8: Official certificate of search required

17:36-9: Municipal ordinances authorized

17:36-10: Payment of demolition costs, liens

17:36-11: Resolution of agreement with owner to pay liens or costs in installments; authorization for payment of claim in full

17:36-12: Priority of municipal claim; subordination to mortgage; limitation on liability of insurer; enforcement of lien under other law

17:36-13: Fire insurance policies subject to act

17:36-14: Definitions

17:36-15: Release to and cooperation with authorized agency by insurer

17:36-16: Belief by insurer fire loss due to other than accidental cause; notice and provision of material to county prosecutor; disposition

17:36-17: Immunity from liability of insurer

17:36-18: Disclosure of acquired information by authorized agency

17:36-19: Right of insurer to receive information from authorized agency with respect to civil action

17:36-20: Testimony in litigation by authorized agency or its personnel

17:36-21: Violations; penalty; collection