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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 19, ELECTIONS

    Chapter 23: Notice, State committee to county committee; county committee to municipal clerks.

      Section: 19:23-14: Certification by municipal clerk.

          19:23-14. Petitions addressed to the Secretary of State, the county clerks, or the municipal clerks shall be filed with such officers, respectively, before 4:00 p.m. of the 71st day next preceding the day of the holding of the primary election for the general election.

Not later than noon of the 61st day preceding the primary election for the general election, the municipal clerk shall certify to the county clerk the full and correct names and addresses of all candidates for nomination for public and party office and the name of the political party of which such persons are candidates together with their slogan and designation. The county clerk shall transmit this information to the Election Law Enforcement Commission in the form and manner prescribed by the commission and shall notify the commission immediately upon the withdrawal of a petition of nomination.

amended 1940, c.135, s.1; 1941, c.166, s.1; 1942, c.50, s.9a; 1948, c.2, s.23; 1956, c.53, s.2; 1983, c.579, s.4; 1985, c.92, s.18; 2001, c.211, s.1; 2011, c.37, s.8; 2022, c.7, s.3; 2022, c.70, s.2.

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