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Title: 19 - ELECTIONS

Chapter: 23 - Notice, State committee to county committee; county committee to municipal clerks.

19:23-1: Notice, State committee to county committee; county committee to municipal clerks.

19:23-5: Party candidates for primary nominated by members of same party by petition

19:23-6: Address of petitions

19:23-7: Signers; certificates of candidates

19:23-8: Numbers of signers to petitions

19:23-10: Single or several petitions; signing rules and regulations.

19:23-11: Verification of petitions.

19:23-12: Committee on vacancies.

19:23-13: Vacancies caused by death or declining the office; new petition; oath of allegiance

19:23-14: Certification by municipal clerk.

19:23-15: Acceptance, statement by candidates to accompany petitions.

19:23-16: Person nominated by petition; filing of certificate.

19:23-17: Designation on primary ticket of policy or faction

19:23-18: Grouping of candidates

19:23-19: Defective petition; notice to candidates

19:23-20: Amendment of defective petition; time for

19:23-21: Certification by Secretary of State.

19:23-22: Certification by county clerk.

19:23-22.1: Certification by municipal clerks of nominees to county clerks in certain counties

19:23-22.4: Printing ballots in counties

19:23-22.5: Cost of printing ballots in certain counties

19:23-23: Separate ballot for each party

19:23-24: Primary election ballots; position.

19:23-25: Make up and printing ballot

19:23-25.1: Designation or slogan on primary ballots

19:23-26.1: Primary election for U.S. Senate and Governorship; placement of names of candidates on ballot

19:23-26.2: Application of laws on primary election for general election

19:23-27: Printing of ballots; number; cost paid by municipalities

19:23-28: Style of ballot; paper and type

19:23-29: Error in ballots; correction

19:23-30: Number of ballots and envelopes; printing; delivery; cost paid by municipalities.

19:23-30.1: Information sent to newly-registered voters for primary election.

19:23-31: Sample ballot facsimile of official ballot

19:23-32: Words on envelopes

19:23-33: Sample ballots and envelopes furnished to district boards or commissioner of registration.

19:23-34: Mailing sample ballots

19:23-35: Posting sample ballots

19:23-36: Return of unused sample ballots and envelopes

19:23-37: Public display of returned envelopes

19:23-38: Municipal clerk to members of district boards; receipt

19:23-39: Members of district boards to board; receipts

19:23-40: Primary elections, dates, time.

19:23-41: Officers in charge

19:23-42: Method of conducting primary elections.

19:23-45: Requirements for voting in primary elections; affiliation.

19:23-45.1: Notice of requirements for voting in primary elections, publication.

19:23-45.2: Cost of publication; payment by counties

19:23-45.3: Rules and regulations

19:23-46: Determination of right to vote.

19:23-47: Preparation and casting of ballots

19:23-48: Challenges; procedure

19:23-49: Counting of votes.

19:23-50: Statements of result; contents

19:23-51: Form of statement

19:23-52: Certification of statement

19:23-53: Statements transmitted to clerks and superintendent of elections; access to office of municipal clerk.

19:23-54: Canvass of votes by municipal clerks; certificates of election to county committeemen

19:23-55: Canvass of votes by county clerks; statement

19:23-56: Certificates of election of members of state committee

19:23-57: Canvass of votes by secretary of state; certificates of election issued

19:23-58: Provisions of title applicable.