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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 33, INTOXICATING LIQUORS

    Chapter 1:

      Section: 33:1-12.30: Death of licensee and cessation of business; issuance of new license in place of voided license

           In any municipality wherein not more than one retail consumption license and not more than one plenary retail distribution license may be issued pursuant to State law and wherein one license of either type or of each type is issued, if the holder of either type of license dies or shall have died and operation of the business ceases or shall have ceased during the license term and if no application for extension or transfer of the license is or shall have been filed within ninety days following the decease, the municipal issuing authority may by resolution void said license and thereafter it shall be lawful to issue in such municipality a new license of the same type as that of the license so voided.

L.1953, First Sp.Sess., c. 437, p. 2403, s. 1, eff. Dec. 21, 1953.

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