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Chapter: 1 -

33:1-1: Definitions.

33:1-1.1: Presumption as to fitness for beverage purposes and alcoholic content

33:1-2: License required, terms; personal use; brand registration; fees

33:1-3: Alcoholic beverage control

33:1-3.1: Short title; findings, declarations

33:1-4: Appointment power of director

33:1-4.1: Use of funds collected as fees, penalties

33:1-5: Boards of alcoholic beverage control in municipalities of 15,000 inhabitants or more, appointment, term, etc.

33:1-5.4: Secretary to board of alcoholic beverage control

33:1-6: Only eligible persons to be appointed

33:1-7: Officers and employees not to be interested in liquor industry; acceptance of gifts

33:1-8: Form of official bonds; force and effect

33:1-9: Classes of licenses

33:1-10: Class A licenses; subdivisions; fees.

33:1-10.1: Taxes collected, paid.

33:1-11: Class B alcoholic licenses; subdivisions, classifications; fees.

33:1-11.1: Sales by Class A or Class B licensees to organizations of army, navy or air force personnel

33:1-11.2: Definitions

33:1-11.3: Foreign persons holding Class B licenses; sales to resident retail licensees prohibited; exception

33:1-11.4: Inapplicability to foreigners who also hold Class A license

33:1-11.5: Revocation or suspension of license

33:1-11.6: Active use required for renewal; fee

33:1-12: Class C licenses; classifications; fees.

33:1-12a: Posting of notice required.

33:1-12b: $50 fine

33:1-12c: Definitions relative to alcoholic beverage tastings and samplings.

33:1-12d: Terms, conditions relative to consumer wine, beer and spirits tasting events and samplings.

33:1-12.13: Renewal licenses; new licenses

33:1-12.14: New retail licenses; limitation.

33:1-12.15: Municipalities under 1000, licenses in

33:1-12.16: Renewal or transfer of existing licenses

33:1-12.17: Seasonal retail consumption licenses to persons who had licenses in previous season; transfer

33:1-12.18: Issuance of new license permitted to applicants filing within one year of expiration; fee.

33:1-12.19: New license where licensee served in armed forces

33:1-12.20: Licensure of certain hotels, motels.

33:1-12.20a: Licenses contingent on completion of construction; rights of holder

33:1-12.21: Municipal regulations limiting number of license, act is in addition to

33:1-12.22: Effective date

33:1-12.22a: License transferred to spouse and surrendered during licensee's service in armed forces; new license

33:1-12.22b: Sixth class counties; retail licensees who served in armed forces and permitted license to lapse; issuance of license

33:1-12.23: Sale and display for off-premises consumption

33:1-12.24: Municipalities in which sale for consumption on premises is prohibited, effect of act in

33:1-12.25: Hotel guests, sale and delivery to

33:1-12.26: Renewal of expired or expiring license, what is; new licenses

33:1-12.27: New limited retail distribution license; issuance

33:1-12.28: Renewal of existing limited retail distribution licenses

33:1-12.29: New limited retail distribution license within 60 days after expiration of renewal period

33:1-12.30: Death of licensee and cessation of business; issuance of new license in place of voided license

33:1-12.31: Acquisition of beneficial interest in more than two retail licenses prohibited

33:1-12.32: Alcoholic beverage licenses

33:1-12.33: Inheritance of beneficial interest in retail license; time within which to comply with act

33:1-12.34: Membership in organization holding club license

33:1-12.35: Right to continue to hold, use and renew existing licenses

33:1-12.36: Corporate licenses

33:1-12.37: Violation; penalty

33:1-12.38: Rules and regulations

33:1-12.39: Active use required for renewal of Class C license; fee

33:1-12.40: Findings, declarations

33:1-12.41: Definitions

33:1-12.42: Plenary retail licensees required to complete educational program

33:1-12.43: Establishment of educational programs for plenary retail licensees

33:1-12.44: Educational program, scheduling, attendance, curriculum, fees

33:1-12.45: Contract with non-profit educational organization to provide educational program

33:1-12.46: Completion of educational program required within nine months

33:1-12.47: Certificate of completion of educational program required for license renewal

33:1-12.48: Rules, regulations

33:1-12.49: Issuance of special permits to serve alcoholic beverages in "qualifying development projects."

33:1-12.50: Special retail consumption, distribution licensing in qualifying development projects.

33:1-12.51: Rules, regulations.

33:1-12.52: Definitions relative to issuance of alcoholic beverage licenses in special project areas.

33:1-12.53: Letter of consent required.

33:1-12.54: Regulations.

33:1-13: Class D, transportation licenses; fees.

33:1-14: Class E licenses; subdivisions; fees.

33:1-15: Separate license for each warehouse, salesroom or office

33:1-16: One license for premises located in more than one municipality; division of fee; number of licenses

33:1-17: Licensee to give bond; custody of bonds

33:1-17.1: Requirement of alcoholic beverage retail licensee clearance certificate

33:1-18: Commissioner to administer issuance of certain licenses

33:1-19: Municipal board or body to administer issuance of certain licenses; "other issuing authority" construed

33:1-19.1: Issuance of new, additional licenses, publication of notice.

33:1-19.2: Issuance of license after publication of notice

33:1-19.3: Issuance to highest qualified bidder; public sale; qualifications

33:1-19.4: Bids; notice and invitation; publication; contents; announcement of qualified applicants

33:1-19.5: Issuance of license or rejection of all bids; postponement or cancellation of sale; disposition of funds

33:1-19.6: Inapplicability of act to powers of issuing authority; appeals

33:1-19.7: Plenary retail consumption license, nonprofit theater

33:1-20: License to member of issuing authority issued only by director; additional fee

33:1-22: Appeal to director from action of issuing authority; fee; procedure

33:1-23: Enumeration of duties of commissioner

33:1-23.1: Regulation by Commissioner of sales in violation of fair trade contract

33:1-24: Duties of municipal authorities issuing licenses

33:1-24.1: Findings, declarations relative to issuance of special licenses to serve alcoholic beverages in smart growth development projects.

33:1-24.2: Definitions relative to issuance of special licenses to serve alcoholic beverages in smart growth development projects; issuance, conditions; fees.

33:1-24.3: Acquisition, sale of inactive plenary retail consumption licenses.

33:1-25: Issuance of license, application, qualifications; criminal record background check, fee.

33:1-25.1: Peace officers; right to leadership or titular position in nonprofit organization with club license

33:1-25.2: Nonprofit organization; use of name other than peace officer as licensee

33:1-26: License, terms, transfer; fee.

33:1-26.1: Peace officers; employment in business licensed to sell alcoholic beverages

33:1-27: Fee for issuance of license; exceptions

33:1-28: Transportation of alcoholic beverages by licensees

33:1-28a: Special permit

33:1-29: Regulation of use of alcoholic beverages by druggists and hospitals; sales to

33:1-30: Sale of alcohols unfit for use as beverages; preparations and products excepted; violations; misdemeanor

33:1-31: Suspension, revocation of license

33:1-31.1: Automatic suspension of license upon conviction of violation; effect of appeal

33:1-31.2: Application for removal of statutory disqualification; fee.

33:1-32: Conditions to issuance of license

33:1-33: Refusal of license to persons failing to pay tax or license fee; bond or cash deposit

33:1-34: Notice of change in facts set forth in application; corporations

33:1-35: Investigations, inspections, searches and examinations; examination of witnesses; subpoenas; procedure on failure to obey; powers of deputy directors

33:1-36: Service of subpoenas

33:1-37: Seal; authentication; fee; inspection of records; certification of facts and findings

33:1-38: Commissioner to hear appeals; powers on appeal; execution of orders

33:1-39: Rules and regulations by commissioner; subjects covered

33:1-39.1: Reciprocal rules and regulations with other states

33:1-39.2: Regulation of sales to consumers

33:1-40: Municipal regulation of number of retail licenses, hours of sale, etc.

33:1-40.3: Sale of wine and malt alcoholic beverages in original containers

33:1-41: Appeal from limitation of number of retail licenses or hours of sale

33:1-42: Sales in public buildings of state or political subdivisions prohibited; exceptions

33:1-43: Alcoholic beverage retailing restrictions

33:1-43a: Limited right of wholesaler to acquire interest in corporation

33:1-43.1: Loans or furnishing of fixtures to retail licensee by brewer prohibited; exceptions

33:1-43.2: Services, items, equipment, availability to retailers, conditions.

33:1-44: Municipal referendum on retail sales of alcoholic beverages except brewed malt and fermented wine

33:1-45: Municipal referendum on retail sales of all kinds of alcoholic beverages

33:1-45.1: Club license where vote was "No" in referendum; duration of act

33:1-46: Municipal referendum on retail sales of alcoholic beverages, except for consumption on trains, airplanes and boats

33:1-46.1: Club license; authority to issue after municipal referendum

33:1-46.2: Special permits to golf and country clubs; license fee

33:1-46.3: Powers granted director cumulative

33:1-47: Municipal referendum on Sunday sales

33:1-47.1: Municipal referendum on hours of retail sales

33:1-48: Municipal boards certified to commissioner

33:1-49: Purchase of illicit beverage; misdemeanor

33:1-50: Manufacture, sale, possession, etc., in violation of chapter; misdemeanor

33:1-51: Other violations of chapter; misdemeanor

33:1-52: Aiding in violations; misdemeanor

33:1-53: Conviction of second offense

33:1-54: Violation upon leased premises; termination of lease; notice; summary proceedings

33:1-55: Maintenance of place where unlawful property is kept, manufactured or sold

33:1-56: Issuing search warrant; private dwellings

33:1-57: Prerequisites to issuance of search warrant; contents; service

33:1-58: Breaking and entry in execution of warrant

33:1-59: Service of warrant in nighttime

33:1-60: Execution and return of warrant; time limit

33:1-61: Receipt for and inventory of property seized

33:1-62: Return of illegally seized property

33:1-63: Resisting officer serving or executing search warrant; misdemeanor

33:1-64: Procuring search warrant without probable cause; misdemeanor

33:1-65: Search without warrant; misdemeanor

33:1-66: Seizure of unlawful property; bond or cash for return; replevin; forfeiture, sale, etc., of unclaimed property; hearing; certain property subject to s

33:1-67: Solicitor's permit required; exceptions; issuance; fee; violations; penalty

33:1-68: Detention of evidence

33:1-69: Place of sale; determination

33:1-70: Each violation separate offense; name of purchaser unnecessary in affidavits, indictments, etc.

33:1-71: Officers to use diligence; arrests

33:1-72: Sale of warehouse receipts; license required; fee.

33:1-73: Intention and construction of law

33:1-74: Temporary permits; fees.

33:1-75: Special permits authorizing manufacture of wines in an instructional winemaking facility.

33:1-75.1: Certain persons permitted to manufacture wine, malt alcoholic beverages at home, noncommercial premises.

33:1-76: Sales within 200 feet of church or school prohibited; waiver; exceptions

33:1-76.1: Renewal or reissuance of club or Class B wholesale license granted on waiver

33:1-76.2: Plenary or limited retail distribution licenses; renewal on annual waivers for 15 or more years; effect

33:1-77: Defenses of sellers

33:1-78: Bottling without license; misdemeanor

33:1-79: Licensees to purchase and sell alcoholic beverages of certain manufacturers only

33:1-80: Issue of stamps, labels, etc.; fees

33:1-81: Misrepresenting age to induce sale or delivery to minor; disorderly person

33:1-81.1: Hearing; attendance by parent or guardian; subpoena

33:1-81.1a: Violations by parent, guardian, notification, fine

33:1-81.2: Identification card; contents

33:1-81.7: Transfer of card; penalty

33:1-81.8: Alcoholic beverage licensee not relieved from liabilities by presentation

33:1-85: Retail licensees to sell or possess alcohol only pursuant to special permit

33:1-86: Punishment for violating section 33:1-85

33:1-87: Exemptions from provisions of act

33:1-88: Alcoholic beverage deemed prima facie illicit; no label; false label; no indicia of tax payment

33:1-89: Discrimination in price to retailers prohibited

33:1-90: Discounts, rebates or other allowances to retailers

33:1-91: Participation in unlawful transactions prohibited

33:1-92: Penalties

33:1-93: Regulation of sales to retailers

33:1-93.6: Discrimination in sales to wholesalers

33:1-93.7: Refusal to sell; hearing; fee

33:1-93.8: Order to complete sale to wholesaler

33:1-93.9: Noncompliance with director's order

33:1-93.10: Rules and regulations

33:1-93.11: Repeal

33:1-93.12: Short title.

33:1-93.13: Findings, declarations relative to malt alcoholic beverages.

33:1-93.14: Definitions relative to malt alcoholic beverages.

33:1-93.15: Contract, agreement between brewer and wholesaler.

33:1-93.16: Termination of contract, agreement by brewer, conditions.

33:1-93.17: Representation of brewer by wholesaler, standards.

33:1-93.18: Actions against brewer, remedies.

33:1-93.19: Nonseverability of act, application or not of Franchise Practices Act.

33:1-93.20: Justification for input by brewer into operations of wholesaler; conditions, terms.

33:1-94: Retail regulations by municipalities to be governed by ordinance only

33:1-96: Licenses for new license terms deemed renewals

33:1-97: Special auction permit to nonprofit organization; fee, duration