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New Jersey Statutes, Title: 33, INTOXICATING LIQUORS

    Chapter 1:

      Section: 33:1-27: Fee for issuance of license; exceptions

           33:1-27. Any statute or exemption to the contrary notwithstanding, no license shall be issued to any person except upon payment of the full fee therefor or as above prorated; but no license shall be required and no fee charged in connection with the retail sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises where sold, when sold at any camp, post or regimental exchange duly organized under the regulations of the United States Army or Navy or Marine Corps or Coast Guard or when sold by any voluntary unincorporated organization of the Armed Forces operating a place for the sale of goods pursuant to the regulations promulgated by the Secretaries of the respective Departments of National Government under which the Armed Services operate or, if the consent of the State Military Board shall have been first obtained, under the State National Guard regulations.

Amended 1951,c.74; 1952,c.126; 1992,c.188,s.10.

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