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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 39:10-16: Defective or improper title papers; procedure to correct; fee

           39:10-16. If the title papers or certificate of ownership are defective or improper, or if the motor vehicle was purchased and its sale consummated in another state or country, in accordance with the laws of such state or country regulating the sale of motor vehicles, and not made for the purpose of evading the provisions of this chapter, the bona fide owner of the motor vehicle may apply to the director to correct the defects, or permit the title papers to be received.

The director shall, upon such proof as he requires showing that it is just and equitable that the defects be corrected or that the title papers or certificate of ownership be received, with or without hearing, determine the truth and merits of the application and whether the holder appears to be the bona fide owner of the motor vehicle, and may issue his certificate correcting the defects or permitting the title papers or certificate of ownership to be so recorded and filed. The person submitting the papers shall pay to the director a fee of $20 for the issuing and filing of the certificate.

Before issuing the certificate the director may, in his discretion, require the person to advertise in a newspaper having a general circulation in the county where he resides, for the space of two weeks, at least once a week, making three insertions in all, a notice briefly stating that the person has applied to the director to correct defects in the motor vehicle title papers or to receive the title papers out of time, or, as the case may be, giving a description of the motor vehicle as provided in R.S.39:10-8, and that if anyone desires to be heard in opposition thereto, he may do so by appearing before the director on a date and at a place named, or communicating with him prior thereto. He shall also serve like notice on local police, State Police and any other person or agency, as prescribed by the director, personally or by registered mail. Proofs of the publication and service shall be submitted to the director. The director or his agent may have the notice advertised or served at the cost and expense of that person.

Amended 1946,c.136,s.12; 1949,c.235,s.4; 1968,c.130,s.15; 1975,c.180,s.18; 1982,c.53,s.8; 1983,c.403,s.31; 1994,c.60,s.28.

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