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Chapter: 10 -

39:10-1: Short title

39:10-2: Definitions

39:10-3: Interpretation of chapter

39:10-4: Enforcement intrusted to commission.

39:10-5: Sale contrary to chapter unlawful

39:10-5.1: Terminal rental adjustment clause in motor vehicle lease; definitions

39:10-6: Ownership, registration certificates, other documentation.

39:10-7: Manufacturer's numbers required on motor vehicles

39:10-8: Certificate of origin, title; security interests.

39:10-9: Subsequent sales; power of attorney, security interests.

39:10-9.1: Used police patrol car; designation on certificate of ownership

39:10-9.2: Penalty

39:10-9.3: Certificate of ownership of motor vehicle returned to manufacturer to indicate status; violation; penalty; rules, regulations

39:10-9.4: Used ambulances, removal of markings, certain circumstances; violations, crime.

39:10-9.5: Definitions relative to certain used emergency vehicles.

39:10-10: Delivery of certificate of ownership; filing of evidence of satisfaction of contract or termination of security interest; penalty for noncompliance

39:10-11: Certificate of ownership; fees

39:10-11.1: Certificate of ownership for mobile or manufactured home in mobile home park; cancellation on relocation on land with interest or title in owner

39:10-11.2: Electronic lien, titling system for motor vehicles.

39:10-11.3: Additional requirements.

39:10-11.4: Requirements for bidders.

39:10-11.5: Participation.

39:10-11.6: Rules, regulations.

39:10-12: Lost papers, duplicate certificate; fees; false statements in application

39:10-13: File of certificates kept; destruction of other certificates

39:10-14: Notations; index; certificates; security interests; fees; furnishing information from records

39:10-15: Procedure and delivery of title papers upon seizure of motor vehicle

39:10-15.1: Certificate of ownership, manufactured home

39:10-16: Defective or improper title papers; procedure to correct; fee

39:10-18: Title papers necessary to registration

39:10-19: Dealer's license; eligibility, term, fee.

39:10-19.1: Definitions relative to off-site sale of certain motor vehicles.

39:10-19.2: Certain dealers permitted off-site sale of motor vehicles.

39:10-19.3: Provisional permit for certain off-site motor vehicles sales; conditions.

39:10-19.4: Maintenance of booth, desk by dealer at off-site sale premises.

39:10-20: Fine, suspension, revocation of license; rules, regulations.

39:10-21: Possession of title papers by dealer; seizure and sale for nonconformity

39:10-22: Forms; seizure of papers; dealer to keep, store all forms, papers, records.

39:10-23: Certificate surrendered when vehicle junked, etc.

39:10-24: Violations of chapter; penalties.

39:10-25: Agency to issue certificates; fees.

39:10-26: Standards for used motor vehicles for sale

39:10-27: Failure to meet standards; liability of seller

39:10-28: Specification of intended registration in written agreement; informing purchaser of dealer's responsibilities

39:10-29: Waiver of dealer's obligation; effect

39:10-30: Violations; penalty

39:10-31: "Salvage certificate of title" defined

39:10-32: Vehicle reported stolen or damaged; surrender of certificate of ownership; issuance of salvage certificate of title

39:10-33: Recovery of stolen vehicle; conditions for issuance of certificate of ownership

39:10-34: Repair of damaged vehicle; conditions for issuance of certificate of ownership

39:10-35: Fee for inspection

39:10-36: Vehicle issued salvage certificate of title by another state

39:10-37: Rules and regulations

39:10-38: Sale of motorcycles permitted on Sunday, certain circumstances.