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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 39:10-25: Agency to issue certificates; fees.

39:10-25. The commission may designate any person to be its agent for the issuing and filing of certificates of origin, certificates of registration and certificates of ownership in accordance with the provisions of section 39:10-11 of this Title, subject to the requirements of chapter 10, and to any rules and regulations the commission shall impose. The agent shall so act until the agent's authority is revoked by the commission. All moneys received by such agents for the issuing and filing of certificates of origin and certificates of ownership under the provisions of this section shall forthwith be deposited as received with the State Treasurer. The fee allowed the agent for issuing and filing each certificate of ownership shall be fixed by the commission on the basis of the fees collected by the agent for the issuing and filing of such certificates. The commission may limit the fee so paid to a maximum. Such fee shall be paid to the agent by the State Treasurer upon the voucher of the commission in the same manner as other State expenses are paid.

Amended 1946, c.136, s.21; 1959, c.145, s.2; 2003, c.13, s.125.

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