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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 39:10-9: Subsequent sales; power of attorney, security interests.

39:10-9. When a used motor vehicle is sold in this State, the seller shall, except as provided in section 39:10-15 of this Title, execute and deliver to the purchaser, an assignment of the certificate of ownership or an assignment of the bill of sale issued prior to October 1, 1946, or, in the event the vehicle is subject to a security interest, or for some other reason the original certificate of ownership is not in the possession of the seller, and where the purchaser is a licensed New Jersey motor vehicle dealer, the seller may execute a secure power of attorney as required under the federal Truth in Mileage Act of 1986, Pub.L.99-579 (49 U.S.C. s.32705) or such other documents as the chief administrator may require, authorizing the licensed dealer to execute the original title upon obtaining possession of same. If a security interest exists at the time of such sale and will continue in effect afterwards or if, in connection with such sale, a security interest is taken or retained by the seller to secure all or a part of the purchase price of the motor vehicle, or is taken by a person who by making an advance or incurring an obligation gives value to enable the purchaser to acquire rights in the motor vehicle, the name and the business or residence address of the secured party or his assignee shall be noted on the certificate of ownership. If the seller is a licensed New Jersey motor vehicle dealer, the seller shall not be required to deliver an assignment or certificate of ownership at the time of sale, provided that the dealer has satisfied all liens noted on the certificate of title and has the right to title as of the time of sale, and provided that the dealer represents and attests to the same in a writing to be delivered to the purchaser at the time of sale. Nothing in this section shall apply to security interests in motor vehicles which constitute inventory held for sale, but such interests shall be subject to chapter 9 of Title 12A of the New Jersey Statutes.

Amended 1946, c.136, s.5; 1961, c.122, s.3; 1962, c.193, s.2; 2007, c.335, s.23.

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