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    Chapter 10:

      Section: 39:10-8: Certificate of origin, title; security interests.

39:10-8. When a new motor vehicle is delivered in this State by the manufacturer to his agent or a dealer, or a person purchasing directly from the manufacturer, the manufacturer shall execute and deliver to his agent or a dealer, or a person purchasing directly from the manufacturer, a certificate of origin in the form prescribed by the chief administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, and no person shall bring into this State any new motor vehicle unless he has in his possession the certificate of origin as prescribed by the chief administrator. The certificate of origin shall contain the manufacturer's vehicle identification number and the motor number when used of the motor vehicle sold, name of the manufacturer, the manufacturer's shipping weight, a general description of the body, if any, the type and model and the gross vehicle weight rating.

When a new motor vehicle is sold in this State, the manufacturer, his agent or a dealer shall execute and deliver to the purchaser an assignment of the certificate of origin, with the genuine names and business or residence addresses of both stated thereon, and certified to have been executed with full knowledge of the contents and with the consent of both purchaser and seller. If, in connection with such sale, a security interest is taken or retained by the seller to secure all or a part of the purchase price of the motor vehicle, or is taken by a person who by making an advance or incurring an obligation gives value to enable the purchaser to acquire rights in the motor vehicle, the original certificate of origin need not be delivered to the buyer at time of sale, and the original certificate of origin, with the name and business address of the secured party noted, may be delivered directly to the Motor Vehicle Commission for issuance of a certificate of title in the name of the purchaser. The name and the business or residence address of the secured party or his assignee shall be noted on the manufacturer's certificate of origin. Nothing in this section shall apply to security interests in motor vehicles which constitute inventory held for sale, but such interests shall be subject to chapter 9 of Title 12A of the New Jersey Statutes.

Amended 1946, c.136, s.4; 1949, c.235, s.3; 1955, c.8, s.11; 1961, c.122, s.2; 1962, c.193, s.1; 1990, c.115, s.6; 2007, c.335, s.22.

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