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    Chapter 5: Enforcement

      Section: 39:5-42: Reports by judges to chief administrator on violations, crimes and offenses; removal of certain information.

39:5-42. a. Every judge shall make a report, in such form as the Chief Administrator of the Motor Vehicle Commission may require, to the Chief Administrator: (1) of all cases heard before him for violation of this title, or for any other violation in which a motor vehicle was used in any way, and (2) of the conviction of any person of having committed a crime or offense in the commission of which a motor vehicle was used, within three days after the disposition of the case before him as a judge. The report shall state the nature of the violation, the full facts concerning the use of the motor vehicle in the commission of the crime or offense, the disposition of the case by the judge, and any recommendations which the judge may deem of value to the Chief Administrator in determining whether action should be taken against the driving, registration, or other privilege of the driver or owner of the motor vehicle.

b. Upon receipt of an order issued pursuant to section 1 of P.L.2015, c.126 (C.2C:52-32.1) or other appropriate notice from the court requiring the deletion, sealing, labeling, or correction of a person's name and other personal identifying information from a record, the Chief Administrator shall promptly remove such information that may have been entered into the records of the Motor Vehicle Commission. The Chief Administrator shall, upon request, provide the victim with a certified corrected driver history. Where appropriate, the Chief Administrator shall also reinstate any driver's license that may have been suspended or revoked and shall remove any motor vehicle penalty points from the victim's driving record that may have been assessed as a result of a conviction against the victim which the court has ordered vacated pursuant to section 1 of P.L.2015, c.126 (C.2C:52-32.1). Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, no fee shall be charged to a victim for services provided by the Chief Administrator pursuant to this section.

amended 1941, c.60; 1942, c.334, s.10; 1990, c.103, s.34; 2015, c.126, s.2.

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