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Chapter: 5 - Enforcement

39:5-1: Enforcement

39:5-2: Judicial powers of director

39:5-3: Appearance, arrest process; complaint; venue.

39:5-5: Entitling proceedings; bond to secure costs

39:5-6: Performance of ministerial acts

39:5-7: Suspension of sentence; probation

39:5-9: Forfeiture of bond or cash deposit; disposition of moneys

39:5-11: Appeal to Superior Court; procedure

39:5-20: Complaint represented on trial on appeal by county prosecutor, attorney general or municipal attorney; aid in prosecution

39:5-22: Revoked license not restored by appeal

39:5-24: Proceedings on Sunday

39:5-25: Arrest without warrant

39:5-25.1: Summons, identification of motorist as holder of commercial driver license.

39:5-27: License exhibited to magistrate upon arrest

39:5-28: Validity, service and effect of summons or warrant and arrest thereon in county other than where issued

39:5-30: Suspension, revocation of registration, license certificates.

39:5-30a: Habitual offender defined

39:5-30b: Suspension of license; period of time; notice; hearing

39:5-30c: Maximum suspension period; circumstances determining

39:5-30d: Concurrent suspension; application for reinstatement

39:5-30e: Operation of motor vehicle during suspension; fine and imprisonment

39:5-30.1: Suspension or revocation of driver's license where reciprocity driving privilege is suspended or revoked in another state

39:5-30.2: Review by chief administrator, alternatives to suspension, revocation.

39:5-30.4: Driver Improvement Program; fee.

39:5-30.5: Penalty points; rules and regulations; authority to adopt

39:5-30.5a: Assessment of points

39:5-30.6: Penalty points; assessment; record

39:5-30.7: Accumulated points; notification

39:5-30.8: Suspension of license; accumulated points; notice; effective date; hearing; failure to appear

39:5-30.9: Reduction of points

39:5-30.10: Subsequent violations; suspension; notice; hearing; failure to appear

39:5-30.11: Initial notification; defense; accumulated points

39:5-30.12: Definitions

39:5-30.13: Suspension, revocation, postponement of driving privilege for persons convicted of certain offenses

39:5-30.14: Notice of suspension, revocation, postponement; hearing request

39:5-30.15: Responsibility of director

39:5-30.16: Rules, regulations

39:5-31: Revocation of driver's license by director or magistrate

39:5-32: Validation, granting of new license.

39:5-33: Validity of new license.

39:5-34: Granting of new registration.

39:5-35: Return or surrender of suspended or revoked driver's license or registration certificate and registration plates

39:5-36: Imprisonment on default of payment of fine

39:5-36.1: Fee for dishonored check or payment

39:5-39: Physician's fee in certain cases

39:5-40: Disposition of moneys received under motor vehicle law

39:5-41: Fines, penalties, forfeiture, disposition of; exceptions.

39:5-42: Reports by judges to director on violations and crimes

39:5-42.1: Refund of additional insurance premiums.

39:5-43: Failure to pay over fines collected; penalty

39:5-44: Record of fines payable to county; inspection

39:5-45: Itemized receipt.

39:5-46: Report to commission of stolen produce.

39:5-47: Seizure, sale of stolen motor vehicles.

39:5-51: Information to municipal court judges

39:5-52: Information to victim

39:5-53: Definitions relative to diplomatic immunity for certain offenses

39:5-54: Procedure for law enforcement officer stopping person with diplomatic immunity

39:5-55: Records kept, forwarded by DMV

39:5-56: Other laws unaffected