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    Chapter 5: Enforcement

      Section: 39:5-47: Seizure, sale of stolen motor vehicles.

39:5-47. The commission may authorize the seizure of a motor vehicle operated over the highways of this State when it has reason to believe that the motor vehicle has been stolen or is otherwise being operated under suspicious circumstances and may retain it in the name of the commission until such time as the identity of ownership is established, whereupon it shall order the release of the motor vehicle to its owner.

After the expiration of ninety days from the date the motor vehicle came into the possession of the commission by seizure or otherwise, it shall sell it at public sale, upon notice of the sale being first published for the space of two weeks in one or more newspapers published and circulating in this State, and also by posting the notice in five public places in this State. The newspapers and places of posting shall be designated by the commission. Upon the sale of the motor vehicle all claims for interest therein shall be forever barred and the proceeds realized therefrom shall become the sole property of the State, to be used as other moneys received under chapter 3 of this title (R.S.39:3-1 et seq.).

Amended 2003, c.13, s.63.

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