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    Chapter 6:

      Section: 39:6-37: Insolvent, bankrupt insurer

           Whenever it appears to the satisfaction of the director that: at the time of a motor vehicle accident resulting in the death of or injury to any person, or damage to property to the extent of $500.00, the judgment debtor, against whom a judgment has been obtained as a result of such accident, was insured in an insurance company, authorized to do business in this State, against public liability for injuries or death to one person to the extent of $15,000.00 and for injuries or death to more than one person to the extent of $30,000.00 and for damage to property to the extent of $5,000.00 arising out of a single motor vehicle accident and with respect to an automobile, as defined in section 2 of P.L.1972, c. 70 (C. 39:6A-2), registered or principally garaged in New Jersey; personal injury protection coverage as provided in the "New Jersey Automobile Reparation Reform Act," P.L.1972, c.70 (C.39 :6A-1 et seq.), and that the judgment has not been paid or the personal injury protection benefits have not been paid because, subsequent to the date of such accident, such insurance company has become insolvent or bankrupt, or the Commissioner of Insurance has undertaken control thereof for the purpose of liquidation, he shall not suspend the operator's license and the registration certificates of such judgment debtor.

L. 1952, c. 173, s. 15; amended 1958, c.95, s.3; 1972, c.199, s.7; 1979, c.1 69, s.3; 1988, c.119, s.14.

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