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Chapter: 6 -

39:6-23: Short title

39:6-24: Definitions

39:6-25: Security deposit

39:6-26: Inapplicability of requirements as to security and suspension

39:6-27: Duration of suspension; default in payment of installment

39:6-28: Operator or owner involved in accident without license or a nonresident

39:6-29: Security, requirements as to

39:6-30: Application of security; return of deposit or balance

39:6-30.1: Remission of funds to state treasurer; investments

39:6-35: Failure to satisfy judgment

39:6-36: Nonresident; judgment unsatisfied

39:6-37: Insolvent, bankrupt insurer

39:6-38: Partial payments which are deemed satisfaction of judgment

39:6-39: Payment of judgment in installments

39:6-42: Certified abstract of operating record; fees

39:6-48: Form of liability policy; provisions to which it is subject; binders; indorsements

39:6-49: Transfer of registration while owner's registration suspended

39:6-50: Enforcement of act; rules and regulations; review

39:6-50.1: Authority to commissioner

39:6-51: Informing persons as to contents of act

39:6-52: Certificate of self-insurance

39:6-53: Not evidence at civil trial

39:6-54: Public entities

39:6-55: Prohibited acts; violations; enforcement; remedies; procedure; revocation of license

39:6-56: Repeal

39:6-57: Effective date

39:6-58: Expense of administering Motor Vehicle Security-Responsibility Law; ascertainment; certifying annually

39:6-59: Apportionment of amount certified among liability insurers

39:6-60: Effective date

39:6-61: Title

39:6-62: Definitions relative to New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association.

39:6-63: Creation, maintenance of fund.

39:6-63.1: Assessment rescinded; registration of uninsured vehicles; fee

39:6-64c: Unsatisfied Claim and Judgment Fund abolished, transfer to PLIGA.

39:6-64.1: Plan of operation.

39:6-65: Notice of intention to make claim.

39:6-67: Defense of actions against motorists.

39:6-68: Cooperation of defendant.

39:6-69: Unpaid judgments.

39:6-70: Hearing on application for payment of judgment.

39:6-71: Order for payment of judgment.

39:6-72: Contents of petition; settlement of claim.

39:6-73: $500 exclusion.

39:6-73.1: Assumption of excess payment by fund; exceptions.

39:6-74: Default and consent judgments.

39:6-76: Collusive judgments

39:6-77: Assignment of judgments to association.

39:6-78: Identity of vehicle, operator, owner unascertainable.

39:6-79: Action within 180 days of entry of judgment.

39:6-80: Impleading association in "hit-and-run" cases.

39:6-81: Defense of such actions by association.

39:6-82: Settlement of actions against the association.

39:6-83: Credits against judgment.

39:6-84: Limitation on amount of judgment.

39:6-84.1: Increase in payment of maximum amounts from fund; application to accidents on or after January 1, 1973

39:6-85: Subrogation.

39:6-86.1: UCJF benefits.

39:6-86.2: Payments of benefits

39:6-86.3: Denial of benefits; grounds

39:6-86.4: Death or injury due to unidentifiable operator or owner, or to operator using automobile without consent of owner; benefits payable; conditions

39:6-86.5: Application for benefits; payment

39:6-86.6: Recovery from uninsured motorist.

39:6-86.7: Provision of personal injury protection benefits, certain pedestrians.

39:6-87: Registration, etc. not restored until fund is reimbursed.

39:6-88: Fund to be held in trust.

39:6-90: Penalty for false statements.

39:6-90.1: Partial invalidity