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    Chapter 6:

      Section: 39:6-86.2: Payments of benefits

           The benefits provided in sections 7 and 10 shall be payable as loss accrues, upon written notice of such loss, including reasonable proof of such loss, except that benefits collectible under:

a. Employees' temporary disability benefit statutes and medicare provided under federal law shall be deducted from the benefits collectible under sections 7 and 10; and

b. Any hospital, medical or dental benefit plan or policy coverage with benefits similar to those provided under section 7, in an amount not to exceed in the aggregate $2,500.00 for any one accident, shall be deducted from the benefits collectible under sections 7 and 10.

Evidence of benefit payments collectible under subsections a. and b. of this section shall not be admissible in a civil action by the claimant for recovery of damages for bodily injury from the fund.

The amount of $2,500.00 shall be deemed to have been exceeded, whether the amount is paid or benefits in that amount are provided to one or more persons eligible for benefits under the hospital, medical or dental plan or policy, for injuries sustained in any one accident.

L.1972, c. 198, s. 8, eff. Jan. 1, 1973. Amended by L.1983, c. 362, s. 4, eff. Oct. 4, 1983; L.1984, c. 40, s. 2, eff. May 15, 1984.

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