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    Chapter 6:

      Section: 39:6-77: Assignment of judgments to association.

17. Assignment of judgments to association. The association shall not pay any sum from the fund, in compliance with an order made for that purpose, in any case in which the claim is founded upon a judgment, except a judgment obtained against the association under this act, until the applicant assigns the judgment to the association and, thereupon, the association shall be deemed to have all the rights of the judgment creditor under the judgment and shall enforce and collect the same for the full amount thereof with interest and costs and if more money is collected upon any such judgment than the amount paid out of the fund, the association shall pay the balance, after reimbursing the fund, to the judgment creditor. Upon assignment of a judgment to the association the association may enter into agreement with the defendant for reimbursement of the fund by lump sum or installment payments, including waiver of interest and subordination of the lien of the judgment where the same is determined to be advantageous in obtaining reimbursement of payments made by the fund. Any such agreement may be annexed to an application for a court order made pursuant to section 27(b).

L.1952,c.174,s.17; amended 1955, c.1, s.8; 1968, c.323, s.6; 1985, c.148, s.10; 2003, c.89, s.21.

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