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    Chapter 6:

      Section: 39:6-79: Action within 180 days of entry of judgment.

19. When in an action in respect to the death of, or personal injury to, any person, arising out of the ownership, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle in this State on or after April 1, 1955, judgment is rendered for the defendant on the sole ground that such death or personal injury was occasioned by a motor vehicle--

(a) The identity of which, and of the owner and operator of which, has not been established, or

(b) Which was in the possession of some person other than the owner or his agent without the consent of the owner and the identity of the operator has not been established, such cause shall be stated in the judgment and the plaintiff in such action may within 180 days from the date of the entry of such judgment bring an action upon said cause of action against the association in the manner provided in section 18.

L.1952,c.174,s.19; amended 1955, c.1, s.10; 1958, c.99, s.7; 1963, c.81, s.11; 1985, c.148, s.12; 2003, c.89, s.23.

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