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    Chapter 11: Creator's reserved interest in trust alienable subject to creditors' claims

      Section: 3B:11-22: Definitions.

4. As used in P.L.1985, c.424 (C.3B:11-19 et seq.):

a. "Beneficiary" means any person with a severe chronic disability who has qualified as a member of the community trust program and who has the right to receive those services and benefits of the community trust program as provided in P.L.1985, c.424.

b. "Board" means the board of trustees or the group of persons vested with the management of the business and affairs of a corporation, formed for the purpose of managing a community trust, irrespective of the name by which the group is designated. c. "Community trust" means a nonprofit organization which offers the following services:

(1) administration of special trust funds for persons with severe chronic disabilities;

(2) follow-along services;

(3) guardianship for persons with severe chronic disabilities who are incapacitated, when no other immediate family member or friend is available for this purpose; and

(4) advice and counsel to persons who have been appointed as individual guardians of the persons or estates of persons with severe chronic disabilities.

d. "Follow-along services" means those services offered by community trusts which are designed to insure that the needs of each beneficiary are being met for as long as may be required and may include periodic visits to the beneficiary and to the places where the beneficiary receives services, participation in the development of individualized plans being made by service providers for the beneficiary, and other similar services consistent with the purposes of P.L.1985, c.424.

e. "Severe chronic disability" means a physical or mental impairment which is expected to give rise to a long-term need for specialized health, social, and other services, and which makes the person with that impairment dependent upon others for assistance to secure these services.

f. "Trustee" means any member of the board of a corporation, formed for the purpose of managing a community trust, whether that member is designated as a trustee, director, manager, governor, or by any other title.

g. "Surplus trust funds" means funds accumulated in the trust from contributions made on behalf of an individual beneficiary, which, after the death of the beneficiary, are determined by the board to be in excess of the actual cost of providing services during the beneficiary's lifetime, including the beneficiary's share of administrative costs, and of any amounts provided to a remainderman.

L.1985, c.424, s.4; amended 1993, c.224, s.2; 2013, c.103, s.24.

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