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Chapter: 11 - Creator's reserved interest in trust alienable subject to creditors' claims

3b:11-1: Creator's reserved interest in trust alienable subject to creditors' claims.

3b:11-2: Letters of trusteeship under a will

3b:11-3: Trustees construed to be joint tenants

3b:11-4: Effect to be given consent by holders of general powers of appointment upon beneficiaries

3b:11-4.1: Limitations on powers of trustees; applicability; "interested party" defined

3b:11-5: Trustee's death or failure to act; appointment of new trustee by court; powers

3b:11-6: Vacancy in trusteeship upon discharge or removal

3b:11-7: Powers of new, substituted or additional trustees

3b:11-8: Short title

3b:11-9: Definitions

3b:11-10: Provision included in trust instruments governing nonprofit corporations administering private foundation trusts

3b:11-11: Provision included in trust instruments governing split-interest trusts or private foundation trusts

3b:11-12: Execution of instrument stating certain provisions not applicable to trust; filing

3b:11-13: Construction of article

3b:11-14: Power of courts or Attorney General not impaired by article

3b:11-15: Application of article

3b:11-16: Pooled trust accounts

3b:11-16.1: Definitions used in C.3B:11-16 et al.

3b:11-17: Trustees' commission

3b:11-18: Report; rules, regulations

3b:11-19: Short title

3b:11-20: Findings

3b:11-21: Purposes, policies

3b:11-22: Definitions

3b:11-23: Nonprofit corporations

3b:11-24: Board

3b:11-25: No compensation

3b:11-26: Bylaws

3b:11-27: Services; guardianship

3b:11-28: Contributions; written statement of services

3b:11-29: Itemized annual statement

3b:11-30: Qualification of indigent persons

3b:11-31: Special requests; individual trusts

3b:11-32: Community trust irrevocable

3b:11-33: Not deemed asset

3b:11-34: Not subject to rule against perpetuities

3b:11-35: Settlement, dissolution, merger

3b:11-36: Findings, declarations regarding special needs trusts

3b:11-37: Establishing an OBRA '93 trust

3b:11-38: Trust funds for pets recognized as valid