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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-12.3: Civil service, pension and other rights of employees not affected during period of service to Federal government

           No civil service, pension or other rights, including rights to promotion and to increase in remuneration, of any individual whose services were made available to the Federal government under the act to which this act is supplementary, shall be impaired or prejudiced during the period in which any such individual shall have rendered services to the Federal government thereunder, but shall be preserved and shall remain intact as of the date of induction into and transfer to said Federal service; and in the event any such individual shall have been promoted, or shall have received any increase in remuneration, while in such Federal service, such individual, when remitted to State service, shall retain and enjoy such rights so accruing to him while in the Federal service; provided, the New Jersey Civil Service Commission shall find, upon an examination and survey of the law and procedures applied and used in determined and setting up such advance in position and remuneration, that the individual would have been entitled under State law and procedures to acquire, hold and enjoy such advance in position and remuneration against all other individuals interested or concerned.

L.1943, c. 171, p. 491, s. 1.

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