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Chapter: 21 -

43:21-1: Short title

43:21-2: Declaration of state public policy

43:21-3: Benefits.

43:21-3.1: Supplemental unemployment benefits for certain ex-service members.

43:21-4: Benefit eligibility conditions.

43:21-4.1: Worker profiling system; notice to applicant of benefits, services available

43:21-4.2: Notification of availability of earned income tax credit, recipients of unemployment compensation.

43:21-4.3: Pre-notification of exhaustion of UI benefits.

43:21-5: Disqualification for benefits.

43:21-5a: Reduction by pension amount; rollover, certain; no reduction.

43:21-5.2: Agreement with United States Secretary of Labor authorized

43:21-6: Claims for benefits.

43:21-6.1: Child support obligations; withholding from unemployment compensation payments; distribution

43:21-6.2: Registration of authorized agent.

43:21-6.3: Responsibilities of authorized agent to client.

43:21-6.4: Postponement request.

43:21-6.5: Representation provided by authorized agent.

43:21-6.6: Production of evidence, witnesses at hearing.

43:21-6.7: Violations committed by authorized agent.

43:21-6.8: Definitions relative to C.43:21-6.2 et seq.

43:21-7: Contributions.

43:21-7a: Definitions

43:21-7b: Contributions to Health Care Subsidy Fund.

43:21-7c: Employer obligations

43:21-7d: Failure to make report

43:21-7e: Entitlement to refund or tax credit

43:21-7f: Schedule of fines

43:21-7g: Rules, regulations

43:21-7.2: Nonprofit organizations

43:21-7.3: Governmental entities

43:21-7.4: Application of exemptions from taxation to contributions

43:21-7.5: Contribution rate calculated upon benefit experience; increase if low balance in unemployment trust fund

43:21-7.6: Inapplicability of expenditure limitations of Public School Education Act of 1975

43:21-7.7: Reduced new employer contribution rate

43:21-7.8: Responsibilities of employee leasing company.

43:21-7.9: Unemployment compensation benefits for 2020 not considered in employer's reserve ratio.

43:21-8: Period, election, and termination of employer's coverage

43:21-9: Unemployment compensation fund

43:21-9.1: Cancellation of record of checks not presented for payment within 6 years

43:21-10: Unemployment compensation commission

43:21-11: Administration.

43:21-11.1: Administration; agricultural workers

43:21-11.2: Notice posting; penalties for violation

43:21-11.3: Returns for domestic service filed on calendar year basis; exceptions.

43:21-11.4: Establishment of system of annual filings.

43:21-11.5: Information regarding New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program on Department of Labor and Workforce Development communication.

43:21-12: Employment service

43:21-12.3: Civil service, pension and other rights of employees not affected during period of service to Federal government

43:21-12.4: Commission may arrange with federal agencies for jobs for veterans; expenses

43:21-12.4a: Agreement with United States Secretary of Labor regarding payment of unemployment compensation to veterans

43:21-12.4b: Actions taken by Division of Employment Security ratified

43:21-12.5: Civil service employees of Employment Service Division remitted to state service; survey of personnel, duties and compensation

43:21-12.6: Adjustments of compensation

43:21-12.7: Administration by Civil Service Commission

43:21-12.8: Reconversion unemployment benefits for seamen; arrangements with federal officials

43:21-13: Unemployment compensation administration fund

43:21-14: Periodic contribution reports.

43:21-14a: ZIP Code reporting

43:21-14b: Information to Transportation commissioner

43:21-14.1: Refund of contributions; claim

43:21-14.2: Termination of lien for contributions for certain years

43:21-14.3: Unemployment compensation interest repayment fund; deposits, administration and disbursement; special assessment against employers; exceptions

43:21-14.4: Withholding of payments to vendors for certain delinquent payments, administrative fees.

43:21-15: Waiver of rights void

43:21-16: Unemployment compensation offenses and penalties.

43:21-17: Representation in court or administrative proceeding

43:21-18: Nonliability of state

43:21-19: Definitions.

43:21-19.2: Effective date and application of Act

43:21-19.3: Provisions dealing with exclusion of certain agents retroactive

43:21-19.4: Gratuities or tips; remuneration in lieu of

43:21-19.6: South Jersey Port Commission considered employer

43:21-20.1: Individuals employed part time; eligibility for benefits

43:21-20.2: Effective date

43:21-20.3: Definitions relative to unemployment insurance benefits.

43:21-20.4: Application to provide shared work program.

43:21-20.5: Revocation of approval.

43:21-20.6: Eligibility for short-time benefits.

43:21-20.7: Amount of short-time benefits paid.

43:21-20.8: Beginning of payment of benefits.

43:21-20.9: Benefits paid charged to employer's account.

43:21-20.10: Report to Legislature.

43:21-20.11: Law inoperative if in violation of federal law.

43:21-20.12: Short title.

43:21-20.13: Actions of division.

43:21-20.14: Contributions to system, fund.

43:21-20.15: Report on all shared work programs on website.

43:21-21: Reciprocal benefit arrangements

43:21-22: Saving clause

43:21-23: Separability of provisions

43:21-24.1: Sale of surplus, obsolete or unsuitable property; disposition of proceeds

43:21-24.2: Contracts for payments under federal Temporary Unemployment Compensation Act of 1958

43:21-24.3: Benefit payments not chargeable to employers' accounts

43:21-24.4: Agreements with United States

43:21-24.11: Definitions.

43:21-24.12: Effect of State law provisions relating to regular benefits on claims for, and the payment and charging of, extended benefits

43:21-24.13: Eligibility requirements for extended benefits

43:21-24.14: Weekly extended benefit rate

43:21-24.15: Total extended benefit amount.

43:21-24.16: Beginning and termination of extended benefit period

43:21-24.17: Short title

43:21-24.18: Cessation of extended benefits when paid under an interstate claim in a state where an extended benefit period is not in effect

43:21-24.19: Ineligibility for benefits; failure to accept offer of, apply for or actively engage in seeking suitable work or dismissal for misconduct

43:21-24.20: Inapplicability of C.43:21-24.19

43:21-24.21: Definitions for purposes of Emergency Unemployment Benefits Program

43:21-24.22: Provision of weekly emergency unemployment benefits

43:21-24.23: Employer's account not charged; exceptions

43:21-24.24: Conditions for payment

43:21-24.25: Administrative actions to ensure proper payment of emergency unemployment benefits

43:21-24.26: Definitions relative to Emergency Unemployment Benefits Program

43:21-24.27: Emergency unemployment benefits

43:21-24.28: Charging of employer's account for emergency unemployment benefits

43:21-24.29: Payment of emergency unemployment benefits

43:21-24.30: Administrative actions to ensure payment to eligible individuals

43:21-25: Short title

43:21-26: Purpose.

43:21-27: Definitions.

43:21-28: Coverage

43:21-29: Compensable disability, individual, family.

43:21-29.2: Rights of employees who are organ, bone marrow donors.

43:21-30: Nonduplication of benefits, exceptions, certain.

43:21-30.1: Notice of unemployment compensation, conditions

43:21-31: Certain individuals excepted

43:21-32: Establishment of private plans

43:21-33: Election by employees; deduction of contributions

43:21-34: Existing plans

43:21-35: Termination of private plans.

43:21-36: Additional benefits

43:21-37: Persons entitled to benefits

43:21-38: Duration of benefits.

43:21-39: Limitation of benefits.

43:21-39.1: Compensation for family temporary disability leave; conditions.

43:21-39.2: Duration of family temporary disability leave; continuous or intermittent; certification.

43:21-39.3: Payment of benefits for period of family temporary disability leave, birth or adoption of child.

43:21-39.4: Availability of annual reports, contents.

43:21-39.5: Temporary disability benefits, paid family leave benefits program; applications.

43:21-40: Weekly and daily benefit amounts

43:21-41: Entitlement for disability benefits.

43:21-42: Payment of disability benefits; fund; deceased claimant; minors; representative appointed

43:21-45: Administration

43:21-45.1: Reciprocal agreements for certain temporary disability benefits.

43:21-45.2: Implementation of disability insurance goals for timely determination and prompt payment.

43:21-45.3: Contract for technical and support services and equipment to adapt and increase functionality of the administrative system.

43:21-46: State disability benefits fund.

43:21-47: Withdrawal from federal treasury.

43:21-48: Assessment of costs of administration

43:21-49: Postings, notice and claim for disability benefits.

43:21-50: Review

43:21-51: Fees of attorney and medical witnesses

43:21-52: Records and reports

43:21-53: Rights in payments

43:21-54: Financial responsibility under private plans

43:21-55: Penalties.

43:21-55.1: Liability for repayment of disability benefits overpayments.

43:21-55.2: Retaliation against employee for request, use of disability benefits prohibited; violations, penalties.

43:21-56: Severability

43:21-57: Findings, declarations

43:21-58: Definitions.

43:21-59: Counseling, Employability Development Plan.

43:21-60: Requirements for provision of additional benefits.

43:21-61: Additional benefits provided during completion of remedial education, vocational training

43:21-62: Notice of services, benefits available, applications

43:21-63: Allocation of moneys for education, training

43:21-65: Rules, regulations

43:21-67: Short title

43:21-68: Findings, declarations relative to small business

43:21-69: Definitions relative to self-employment assistance

43:21-70: Self-employment assistance allowance; conditions

43:21-71: Rules, regulations