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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-52: Records and reports

           (a) Each employer shall keep true and accurate employment records, containing such information as may reasonably be prescribed by the commission. Such records shall be open to inspection by the commission or its authorized representative at any time during ordinary business hours for the purpose of ascertaining whether such employer is a covered employer and, if so, whether such employer is complying with the provisions of this act. Information thus obtained shall not be published or open to public inspection (other than to public employees in the performance of their public duties) in any manner revealing an employee's or employer's identity, but any claimant at a hearing before the commission or a hearing officer shall be supplied with information from such records to the extent necessary for the proper presentation of his claim.

(b) Covered employers whose employees are participating in an approved private plan and any insurer of an approved private plan shall furnish such reports and information and make available to the commission such records as the commission may by regulation require for the proper administration of this act.

(c) The commission is hereby authorized and directed to make available to any insurer or self-insurer, on request, any information from its records that is necessary for the determination of liability under an approved private plan.

L.1948, c. 110, p. 608, s. 28.

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