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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-5.2: Agreement with United States Secretary of Labor authorized

           The Division of Employment Security is authorized to enter into an agreement with the United States Secretary of Labor under Title XV of the Social Security Act-- "Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees" (Public Law 767-83d Congress), whereby the division, as agent of the United States, will in accordance with the provisions of said Title, make payments of compensation to Federal employees as therein defined, and will otherwise co-operate with the Secretary of Labor and with other State agencies in making such payments; provided, however, that all costs and expenses incurred, as well as all moneys required to make payments of such compensation shall be provided by Federal funds and shall not devolve upon the State of New Jersey; and further provided, that subsection (f) of section 43:21-5 of the Revised Statutes shall be inapplicable to any week with respect to which or a part of which a claimant has received or is seeking unemployment benefits under Title XV of the Social Security Act, except that no claimant shall be eligible during any week for benefits in an amount in excess of the amount allowable under R.S. 43:21-1 et seq. plus any additional amount permitted under the agreement with the Secretary of Labor, or shall be eligible for weeks of benefits in a benefit year, based on employment under R.S. 43:21-1 et seq. plus Federal employment, in excess of the number of weeks allowable under R.S. 43:21-1 et seq.

L.1954, c. 259, p. 934, s. 1.

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