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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-50: Review

           (a) If a person claiming benefits under an approved private plan shall be unable to agree with the employer or insurer as to benefits thereunder, such claimant may, within one year after the beginning of the period for which benefits are claimed, file a complaint with the division, which shall conduct such investigation, including informal hearings, as it deems proper. Such complaint shall be filed in writing in a form satisfactory to the division. The division shall have the authority to make procedural rules and regulations providing for a fair and impartial hearing, and shall designate one or more hearing officers. If the issues raised by the complaint are not settled, the hearing officer shall conduct a hearing upon due notice to the claimant, the employer and the insurer, if any, at which any party in interest shall have the right to appear. At such hearing evidence, exclusive of ex parte affidavits, may be produced by any party, but the hearing officer, in conducting the hearing, shall not be bound by the rules of evidence. All proceedings at such hearing shall be recorded, but need not be transcribed unless the order on the disputed claim is to be reviewed. The hearing officer shall make a determination of facts, and an order disposing of the issues presented, which shall be final and binding on the claimant, the employer and the insurer. A copy of such order shall be served upon each of the interested parties by registered mail addressed to their respective last-known addresses. Any party in interest feeling aggrieved by action of the hearing officer may secure judicial review through a proceeding in lieu of prerogative writ. The cost of recording and transcribing the proceedings, and of the preparation of the entire record required on the review, shall constitute a cost of administering this act.

(b) Individuals claiming benefits under the State plan shall be entitled to review hearing and determination as provided in unemployment compensation cases.

L.1948, c. 110, p. 607, s. 26. Amended by L.1953, c. 41, p. 772, s. 11.

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