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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-6.3: Responsibilities of authorized agent to client.

4. a. An authorized agent shall keep any party that is a client of the agent reasonably informed about the status of any matter before the division and verify with the client the accuracy of any information it provides to the division.

b. An authorized agent shall promptly notify the client of any scheduled proceedings before any representative of the division to allow time for case preparation and the scheduling of witnesses. Clients shall be apprised of the consequences of not appearing and the importance of participation at all stages of the proceedings and of producing first-hand testimony.

c. If a client determines that it does not wish to pursue an appeal, a request for withdrawal of the appeal shall be made in writing, or communicated orally and followed by a written request, in a timely fashion. If the client and the authorized agent determine that there is no basis for an appeal, that the appeal is frivolous, or that the client is not interested in pursuing the appeal, the appeal shall be withdrawn, as soon as possible, and prior to the scheduling of a hearing if possible.

L.2010, c.82, s.4.

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