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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-6.2: Registration of authorized agent.

3. a. An authorized agent who represents parties for a fee shall not represent any party after December 1, 2010 in any procedure with the division regarding claims for unemployment benefits or any obligations of employers regarding charges or taxes for unemployment compensation, including any filing of information, or any appeal, hearing, or other proceeding regarding unemployment benefit claims, charges or taxes before any representative of the division, unless the authorized agent is registered with the division pursuant to this section.

b. Each authorized agent shall register with the division using forms provided by the division. An applying authorized agent who is an individual shall provide the individual's name, permanent address and telephone number. An authorized agent which is an organization or business shall provide the name, local address and telephone numbers, and address and telephone number of the principal place of business, if different, and the names of principals or others authorized to act on behalf of the organization and to receive notice. Any changes in identifying information shall be promptly reported to the division. The division may elect to set by regulation a schedule of fees for the registration of agents required by this section, except that if the division elects to set a schedule of fees pursuant to this subsection, the amount collected in fees shall not exceed the amount determined by the director of the division to be necessary for the implementation of the provisions of sections 3 through 9 of this act.

c. Upon registration, an authorized agent shall be assigned a registration number that shall be used in all communications with, or appearances before, any representative of the division. An individual communicating or appearing on behalf of an organization or business providing representation for a fee to parties before any representative of the division shall indicate the registration number of the individual, unless that individual is an attorney, and the registration number of the organization or business, and the division shall not accept any representation of the party in a communication with, or proceeding of, the division by an individual, organization or business if the number or numbers are not provided. If an attorney is employed by, or otherwise provides service to, an organization or business which is an authorized agent, the registration number of the organization or business shall be provided.

d. Each registrant shall file notice with the division within thirty days after the agent ceases activity as an authorized agent.

L.2010, c.82, s.3.

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