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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-20.5: Revocation of approval.

3. a. The division, on its own initiative or upon request of the affected unit's employees, may revoke approval of an employer's application previously granted for any failure to comply with any agreement or certification required pursuant to section 2 of this act, or any other conduct or occurrences which the division determines to defeat the purpose, intent and effective operation of a shared work program. The notice of revocation shall be in writing and shall specify the reasons for the revocation and the date on which the revocation is effective.

b. An employer may request modifications of an approved shared work program by filing with the division a written request identifying the specific proposed modifications and explaining the need for the modifications. The division shall approve or disapprove the modifications within 30 days and promptly communicate to the employer the division's decision and the date on which the modification will take effect. The employer is not required to obtain division approval to make a plan modification which is not substantial, but is required to provide prompt, written notice of the modification to the division, which shall require the employer to request division approval of the modification if the division finds the modification to be substantial. The division may terminate the program if the employer fails to provide the notice required by this subsection.

L.2011, c.154, s.3; amended 2013, c.279, s.3.

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