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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-59: Counseling, Employability Development Plan.

3. Counseling shall be made available by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to each individual who meets the requirements indicated in subsections a. and b. of section 4 of this act. The department may provide the counseling or obtain the counseling from a service provider, if the service provider is different from and not affiliated with any service provider offering any employment and training services to the worker other than the counseling. The purpose of the counseling is to assist the individual in obtaining the employment and training services most likely to enable the individual to obtain employment providing self-sufficiency for the individual and also to provide the individual with the greatest opportunity for long-range career advancement with high levels of productivity and earning power. The counseling shall include:

a. Testing and assessment of the individual's job skills and aptitudes, including the individual's literacy skills and other basic skills. Basic skills testing and assessment shall be provided to the individual unless information is provided regarding the individual's educational background and occupational or professional experience which clearly demonstrates that the individual's basic skill level meets the standards indicated in section 14 of P.L.1989, c.293 (C.34:15C-11) or unless the individual is already participating in a remedial instruction program which meets those standards;

b. An evaluation by a qualified job counselor of:

(1) Whether the individual is eligible for the additional benefits indicated in section 5 of this act; and

(2) What remedial instruction, if any, is determined to be necessary for the individual to advance in his current occupation or succeed in any particular occupational training which the individual would undertake in connection with additional benefits indicated in section 4 of this act, provided that the remedial instruction shall be at a level not lower than that needed to meet the standards indicated in section 14 of P.L.1989, c.293 (C.34:15C-11);

c. The provision of information to the individual regarding any of the labor demand occupations for which training meets the requirements of subsection e. of section 4 of this act in the claimant's case, including information about the wage levels in those occupations, the effectiveness of any particular provider of training for any of those occupations which the individual is considering using, including a consumer report card on service providers showing the long-term success of former trainees of the provider in obtaining permanent employment and increasing earnings over one or more time periods following the completion or other termination of training, including a period of two years following the completion or other termination of training;

d. The timely provision of information to the individual regarding the services and benefits available to the individual, and all actions required of the individual to obtain the services and benefits, under the provisions of this act and employment and training programs provided or funded pursuant to the "1992 New Jersey Employment and Workforce Development Act," P.L.1992, c.43 (C.34:15D-1 et al.) and the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, Pub.L.105-220 (29 U.S.C. s.2801 et seq.). and regarding the tuition waivers available pursuant to P.L.1983, c.469 (C.18A:64-13.1 et seq.) and P.L.1983, c.470 (C.18A:64A-23.1 et seq.); and the timely provision to the individual of a written statement of the individual's rights and responsibilities with respect to programs for which the individual is eligible, which includes a full disclosure to the individual of his right to obtain the services most likely to enable the individual to obtain employment providing self-sufficiency and the individual's right not to be denied employment and training services for any of the reasons indicated in section 4 of P.L.1992, c.47 (C.43:21-60), including the individual's right not to be denied training services because the individual already has identifiable vocational skills, if those existing skills are for employment with a level of earnings lower than the level of self-sufficiency;

e. Discussion with the counselor of the results of the testing and evaluation; and

f. The development of a written Employability Development Plan, consistent with the requirements of subsections e., f. and g. of section 4 of this act, for the individual describing any remedial instruction and the occupational training that the individual will undertake in connection with benefits provided pursuant to the provisions of this act.

All information regarding an individual applicant or trainee which is obtained or compiled in connection with the testing, assessment and evaluation and which may be identified with the individual shall be confidential and shall not be released to an entity other than the individual, the counselor, the department, the commission or partners of the One-Stop system as necessary for them to provide training and employment services or other workforce investment services to the individual, unless the individual provides written permission to the department for the release of the information; or the information is used solely for program evaluation.

L.1992,c.47,s.3; amended 2001, c.152, s.14; 2005, c.354, s.31.

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