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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-20.4: Application to provide shared work program.

2. An employer who has not less than 10 employees may apply to the division for approval to provide a shared work program, the purpose of which is to stabilize the employer's work force during a period of economic disruption by permitting the sharing of the work remaining after a reduction in total hours of work. Any subsidizing of seasonal employment during off season, or of temporary or intermittent employment on an ongoing basis, is contrary to the purpose of a shared work program approved pursuant to this act. The application for a shared work program shall be made according to procedures and on forms specified by the division and shall include whatever information the division requires. The division may approve the program for a period of not longer than one year and may, upon employer request, renew the approval of the program for additional periods, each period not to exceed one year. The division shall not approve an application unless the employer:

a. (1) Certifies to the division that the aggregate reduction in work hours is in lieu of layoffs; (2) provides an estimate of the number of employees who would have been laid off in the absence of the program; and (3) certifies that the employer will not hire additional employees while short-time benefits are being paid;

b. Certifies to the division that health insurance or pension coverage, paid time off, or other benefits, including retirement benefits under a defined benefit plan, as defined in section 414(j) of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. s.414(j)), or employer contributions under a defined contribution plan, as defined in section 414(i) of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. s.414(i)), will continue to be provided to any employee whose workweek is reduced under the program, that those benefits will continue to be provided to employees participating in the program under the same terms and conditions as though the workweek of the employee had not been reduced or to the same extent as other employees not participating in the program, except that employer contributions to a defined contribution plan, as defined in section 414(i) of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. s.414(i)), may be reduced in proportion to the reduction of weekly hours, and certifies to the division that the employer will not make unreasonable revisions of workforce productivity standards;

c. Certifies to the division that any collective bargaining agent representing the employees has entered into a written agreement with the employer regarding the terms of the program, including terms regarding attendance in training programs while receiving short-time benefits, and provides a copy of the agreement to the division;

d. Provides, in the application, the effective date and duration of the program, a description of the affected unit or units covered by the program, including the number of employees in each unit, the percentage of employees in the affected unit covered by the program, identification of each individual employee in the affected unit by name, social security number, and the employer's unemployment tax account number and any other information required by the division to identify program participants;

e. Provides, in the application, a description of how the employees in the affected units will be notified of the employer's participation in the shared work program if the application is approved, including the means of notification for employees who are members of collective bargaining units and employees who are not members of a collective bargaining unit;

f. Identifies the usual weekly hours of work for the employees of the affected unit and the specific percentage by which their hours will be reduced during all weeks covered by the program;

g. Certifies that participation in the program and its implementation is consistent with the employer's obligations under all applicable federal and State laws; and

h. Agrees to provide the division with any reports or other information, including access to employer records, the division deems necessary to administer the shared work program and monitor compliance with all agreements and certifications required pursuant to this section.

The division shall approve or disapprove the program in writing not more than 60 days after the receipt of the application and promptly communicate the decision to the employer. A decision disapproving the application shall clearly identify the reasons for the disapproval. The disapproval shall be final, but the employer shall be permitted to submit another application for approval of a plan not earlier than 60 days from the date of disapproval.

L.2011, c.154, s.2; amended 2013, c.279, s.2.

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