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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-6.8: Definitions relative to C.43:21-6.2 et seq.

9. For the purposes of sections 3 through 9 of this act:

"Authorized agent" means an individual, organization or business that, for a fee, provides representation to parties in communications with, or hearings or other proceedings before, representatives of the division in connection with claims for unemployment benefits, charges or tax assessments. In the case of an individual authorized agent representing an organization or business that provides representation to parties for a fee, both the individual and the organization or business shall register with the division and both will be held responsible as the authorized agents. An attorney is not an authorized agent for purposes of this section and is not required to register. If an attorney is employed by, or otherwise provides service to, an organization or business which is an authorized agent, the organization or business shall register with the division and will be considered the authorized agent for purposes of this section. An authorized agent representing an employer shall be regarded as an agent of an employing unit for the purposes of R.S.43:21-16 and be subject to all requirements and penalties imposed by that section for an agent of an employing unit.

"Party" means any of the following parties to an appeal, hearing or other procedure of the division: the division; a claimant for unemployment compensation; or any employer against whom charges may be made or tax liability may be assessed due to the claim for unemployment compensation.

"Representative of the division" means any individual or entity, including any deputy, appeal tribunal, the board of review or any other individual or entity which represents the Division of Unemployment and Temporary Disability Insurance of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development in connection with claims, benefits, charges or taxes for unemployment compensation.

L.2010, c.82, s.9.

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