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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-70: Self-employment assistance allowance; conditions

           4. a. Any unemployed individual who qualifies for regular benefits and is identified through the worker profiling system as likely to exhaust regular benefits may apply to the division for a self-employment assistance allowance. If the individual is selected to receive a self-employment assistance allowance, the Department of Labor may also provide the individual with any available self-employment assistance services it deems appropriate, including services available from the Workforce Development Partnership Program, or the department may refer the individual to any other private or public entity it deems appropriate to provide the services. The department shall provide the individual with appropriate information available to the department regarding possible sources of financing for entrepreneurial activities, including information obtained from the Department of Banking and information regarding suitable "micro-lending" programs.

b. The weekly self-employment assistance allowance payable pursuant to this section to an individual shall be equal to the weekly benefit amount for regular benefits. In no instance shall a self-employment assistance allowance and regular benefits be paid to an individual with respect to the same period. The sum of the allowance and regular benefits paid under P.L.1995, c.394 (C.43:21-67 et al.) with respect to any benefit year shall not exceed the maximum benefit amount established for regular benefits alone with respect to that benefit year. The allowance shall not be paid for any week in which the individual does not participate, on a full-time basis, in self-employment assistance activities authorized by the division.

c. A self-employment assistance allowance shall be payable to an individual at the same interval, on the same terms, and subject to the same conditions as regular benefits, except as otherwise provided in P.L.1995, c.394 (C.43:21-67 et al.).

d. The aggregate number of individuals receiving self-employment assistance allowances at any time shall not exceed one percent of the number of individuals receiving regular benefits. The Commissioner of Labor shall adopt regulations consistent with the provisions of P.L.1995, c.394 (C.43:21-67 et al.) to establish eligibility requirements and procedures for the selection of individuals to receive self-employment assistance allowances and self-employment assistance services.

e. Self-employment assistance allowances shall be charged to employers in the same manner as provided for the charging of regular benefits.

f. The provisions of this section shall apply to weeks beginning after the effective date of P.L.1995, c.394 (C.43:21-67 et al.) and after any plan required by the United States Department of Labor is approved by that department. The authority provided by this section shall terminate as of the end of the week preceding the date when federal law no longer authorizes the provisions of this section, unless that date is a Saturday in which case the authority shall terminate as of that date.


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