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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-24.26: Definitions relative to Emergency Unemployment Benefits Program

           7. For the purposes of the Emergency Unemployment Benefits Program and as used in sections 7 through 11 of P.L.2002, c.13 (C.43:21-24.26 through C.43:21-24.30):

"Emergency unemployment benefits" means benefits financed entirely by the State and paid to exhaustees pursuant to sections 7 through 11 of P.L.2002, c.13 (C.43:21-24.26 through C.43:21-24.30).

"Emergency unemployment benefit period" means a period not within an extended benefit period, which:

a. Begins on December 30, 2001, and

b. Ends on March 9, 2002 or at the conclusion of the calendar week in which total expenditures of emergency unemployment benefits chargeable to the unemployment compensation fund Statewide first exceed $100 million, if the conclusion of that week occurs before March 9, 2002.

No emergency unemployment benefits shall be paid to any individual with respect to periods of unemployment after March 9, 2002.

"Eligibility period" of an exhaustee means the period consisting of the weeks in the exhaustee's benefit year which begin in an emergency unemployment benefit period and, if that benefit year ends in the emergency unemployment benefit period, any weeks thereafter which begin in the period.

"Exhaustee" means an individual who exhausted all of the regular benefits that were available to the individual pursuant to the "unemployment compensation law," R.S.43:21-1 et seq., (including benefits payable to federal civilian employees and ex-service persons or payable under the combined wage program) after November 24, 2001 and before December 30, 2001, or during any calendar week of the emergency unemployment benefit period. No individual who exhausted all of the available regular benefits prior to November 25, 2001 shall be eligible for emergency unemployment benefits.


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