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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-42: Payment of disability benefits; fund; deceased claimant; minors; representative appointed

           (a) Disability benefits payable pursuant to this article shall be paid out of the State disability benefits fund established by law, and to the extent that such laws, regulations and practices are not inconsistent herewith, shall be administered subject to the same laws, regulations and practices as are applicable under the chapter of the Revised Statutes to which this act is a supplement.

(b) Payment of disability benefits due deceased claimant. If a claim for disability benefits is not filed by an otherwise eligible individual prior to his death, the first claim for such benefits may be filed, by the surviving spouse, or such other person or persons who may be legally entitled thereto. Payment of benefits shall be made upon receipt of a completed first claim form accompanied by an affidavit executed by such person or persons. The payment by the division of such benefits upon receipt of such affidavit, or affidavits, shall discharge the obligations of the division to the extent of such payment. The division shall prescribe the form of affidavit to be executed.

(c) Payment of disability benefits due minors. In case an infant or minor under the age of twenty-one years shall be entitled to receive any sum in payment for disability benefits under this chapter, the father, mother or natural guardian of the infant or minor shall be authorized and empowered to receive and receipt for such moneys to the same extent as a guardian of the person and property of such infant or minor duly appointed by the surrogate or the court of the county in which such infant or minor resides, and the release or discharge of such father, mother or natural guardian shall be a full and complete discharge of all claims or demands of the infant or minor thereunder. The division shall prescribe the form of affidavit and release to be executed by the parties concerned.

(d) Representative appointed for disability benefit beneficiary. The director of the division is hereby authorized and empowered when in his judgment it shall be advisable, to appoint a representative with power to act for a person who may be entitled to disability benefits by legally receiving and disbursing said payments under the direction of the director when it shall appear that such person is mentally, legally or physically unable to properly receive or disburse said payments, or when said person, after due diligence cannot be located. Whenever the person entitled to payments is a minor child, and the director determines that there is no proper person available to receive and disburse said payments for such child, then the Child Welfare Board, as constituted by the provisions of chapter five, of Title Institutions and Agencies (s. 30:5-1 et seq.), may be appointed as the representative of such minor child. Application on behalf of any such person shall be made in such form as the director shall prescribe.

L.1948, c. 110, p. 596, s. 18. Amended by L.1950, c. 260, p. 902, s. 1.

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