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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-12.8: Reconversion unemployment benefits for seamen; arrangements with federal officials

           The Unemployment Compensation Commission is authorized to enter into arrangements or agreements with the Federal Security Administrator or with any administrator, agent, agency, board or body designated and established in and by Section 306 of the Act of Congress entitled "An act to amend the Social Security Act and the Internal Revenue Code, and for other purposes," being designated as Public Law 719, 79th Congress, approved August 10, 1946, providing for the payment of reconversion unemployment benefits for seamen, whereby the personnel, records and facilities of the commission shall be employed, under the direction and control of the commission, for implementing and carrying into effect said Section 306 of such Federal law, and whereby the New Jersey wage credits of any claimant during his base year may be supplemented by the wage credits accruing during the same base year to such claimant under the said Federal Act for the purpose of making a single payment of benefits to such claimant with respect to any compensable week upon the basis of the wage credits so combined; provided, however, that all costs and expenses incurred, as well as all funds to make payments of such reconversion unemployment benefits for seamen, shall be provided by Federal grant and not devolve upon the State of New Jersey; and further provided, that any arrangement or agreement so entered into shall provide that where New Jersey wage credits are insufficient in themselves to support benefit payments to any claimant under the New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Law, and are taped out with Federal credits, no benefits paid against the New Jersey wage credits so used will be paid out of the New Jersey benefit fund or be charged against the account of any New Jersey employer; and further provided, that subsection (f) of section 43:21-5 of the Revised Statutes shall be inapplicable with respect to such benefits so paid.

All acts and action heretofore taken by the Unemployment Compensation Commission or any of its representatives in cooperating with the Federal authorities in the payment of such benefits are approved, ratified and confirmed.

L.1948, c. 182, p. 926, s. 1.

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