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    Chapter 21:

      Section: 43:21-33: Election of employees; deduction of contributions.

          9. Election of employees; deduction of contributions. If employees who are subject to the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement are to be required to contribute toward the cost of benefits under a private plan, such plan shall not become effective unless prior to the effective date a majority of the employees in the class or classes to be covered thereby have agreed thereto by written election, unless the collective bargaining agreement expressly waives the employees' right to a majority election as a condition for the private plan. In the case of employees not subject to a collective bargaining agreement, no employee consent or written election is required for the withdrawal from the State plan or the establishment of a private plan. Whether or not an election is required, the employer may during the continuance of the approved private plan collect the required contributions thereto by deduction from the wages paid to covered individuals under such plan, which deduction may be combined with that deduction required by Revised Statutes, section 43:21-7(d)(1) if reasonable notice is given covered individuals concerning such combined deduction by the employer; provided, that if any employer fails to deduct the contributions of any of his employees at the time their wages are paid, or fails to make a deduction therefor at the time wages are paid for the next succeeding payroll period, he may not thereafter collect a contribution with respect to such wages previously paid. Written elections held pursuant to this section may be conducted by electronic communications evidenced by the electronic signature of the employee, as the term electronic signature is defined in section 2 of P.L.2001, c.116 (C.12A:12-2), but shall not be conducted in a manner inconsistent with any applicable terms of a collective bargaining agreement. A covered individual shall not be entitled to any benefits from the State disability benefits fund with respect to any period of disability commencing while he is covered under an approved private plan.

L.1948, c.110, s.9; amended 1950, c.173, s.3; 2019, c.37, s.10.

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